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11 HOT 2018 Summer Offers on PS Store
After Valve finished its Steam Summer Sale, the same super exciting event begins on PlayStation Store. Sony has started its wave of amazing discounts, and it’s a great chance to get those games you want so much… PS Store Summer Sale 2018 starts on July 25.
Valve Rolls Out a New Chat Update for Steam
It’s been a long while since Steam’s chat client got positive feedback from the gaming community. The old Steam Chat was rather awkward, failing to provide robust interaction for gamers. For this reason, other sleek communication services won the race almost hands-down.
The Ultimate Game Sale Is Alive and Kicking
A new installment is now up and running! Let’s check what’s inside. Ultimate Game Sale is granting avid gamers a 3-month subscription pass for only $10. The subscription is eligible for Xbox owners only. Moreover, lucky Xboxers can acquire a Gold membership to enjoy a 65% discount.
New ‘Lost on Mars’ DLC for Far Cry 5 to Be Released
A few days ago Ubisoft announced the release date of its next expansion pack to complement the fascinating Far Cry 5 storyline. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is the second of three pieces of post-launch DLC and is slated to be out on July 17th.
Two Horror-Themed Titles Launch on PlayStation VR
High-precision PSVR Headset For the uninitiated, PSVR is a state-of-the-art headset with a controller bringing enhanced experience to video games. The PlayStation VR system has gained much popularity among gamers since Sony Interactive Entertainment brought this head-mounted peripheral to the gaming console market in 2016.
NieR: Automata Officially Hits the Xbox One Market
The NieR: Automata’s Comeback Last week NieR: Automata officially extended its digital footprint on the Xbox One platform. PlatinumGames together with Square Enix responded to Xbox gamers’ clamor for having their own version of the groundbreaking title, which was initially released on PC and PlayStation 4 in March 2017.
Announcement to the Steam Community
We’re all aware of recent landmark events in the Steam Community. Opskins was among the first to trade skins on Steam. Starting with Skins.cash and then DMarket, we worked alongside our peers in a climate of mutual respect and healthy competition.
Get Your Veteran Medal Memorabilia!
If you recognize the real value of virtual items, if you know which skins give you bragging rights in CS:GO or Dota 2, then you are hardly new to the gaming community. To celebrate your commitment to gaming and highlight your old hand status, DMarket is starting a giveaway of a special Veteran Medal.
The Best Announcements of E3 2018

As E3 2018 has come to an end, gamers are left with their hands full of promising releases, trailers, teasers as well as unveiled announcements.

DMarket Will Participate in E3 (2018)
Happy days for all passionate gamers and developers are just around the corner. This year the marquee annual event for video games and related products is set to kick off on June 12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
E3 Rumors Recap: What to Expect in 2018
Happy days and jubilation for game fans all over the globe! E3, one of the most anticipated and hyped game conventions is right around the corner. A welcoming venue, the Los Angeles Convention Center, is due to open its doors from June 12 to June 14 and host the world’s top developers and publishers who will showcase their hottest rollouts and upcoming projects.
Unity Unveils 2018.1 Update

More than 330 new features have been added to the latest stable release of the world’s most widely used game development platform.

Blockchain Expo 2018: All Info

Decentralized ledger technology has gone far beyond the confines of conventional economic relationship models. Blockchain-driven solutions are gaining traction in an increasing number of industries, where small startups and large-scale enterprises strive for adopting cutting-edge protocols to create robust decentralized business ecosystems.

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