Nick Covella Joins DMarket as SVP of Engineering
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Nick Covella Joins DMarket as SVP of Engineering

SANTA MONICA, August 7, 2018 DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for trading in-game items, is excited to announce the appointment of Nick Covella as its Senior Vice President of Engineering.

The technology industry veteran, widely renowned as a world-class software engineer and executive, strengthens the DMarket team to accelerate the growth of its global trading ecosystem for monetizing in-game content.

With more than 30 years of professional experience, Nick Covella has built expertise in numerous industries, including entertainment (DreamWorks and Cinesite/Kodak) and defense (Lockheed and TRW).

The most recent company in Nick’s strong career was a Chicago-based firm Conversant. As the company’s Vice President of Engineering for more than 11 years, Covella developed innovative solutions in personalized digital marketing, helping the company to establish itself as a global leader in its area.

We are excited to have Nick Covella on board. Over his impressive career, Nick has proved to be highly efficient in creating and implementing disruptive solutions in different areas, from digital cinema to internet advertising, aerospace to blockchain. His engineering and management expertise will certainly boost the growth of the DMarket universe,

said Vlad Panchenko, Founder and CEO of DMarket.

DMarket is doing something unique at the intersection of gaming and blockchain, changing the way we perceive virtual assets and creating astonishing opportunities for both gamers and game developers. I’m really inspired by DMarket’s ideas and eager to contribute to their implementation,

Nick Covella added.

About DMarket

DMarket is the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for buying, selling, exchanging, and collecting in-game items, where everyone — developers, entrepreneurs, and gamers — monetize virtual assets. DMarket gives everyone in gaming the right to own in-game items secured by blockchain technology. Gamers buy, sell and exchange in-game items, developers gain revenue from every transaction fee, and entrepreneurs discover new ventures as the gaming community connects and grows in a single, secure, and decentralized marketplace.

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