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Famous YouTubers Will Fight It Out in a New Mobile Game

SANTA MONICA, California, October 16, 2018DMarket, an in-game items monetization technology and service, has announced its support for the upcoming release of a collectible card mobile game called DHeroes.

Сards in the game represent top video game bloggers from all over the world, such as popular Dota 2 observer Dota Watafak, famous sport simulators fan QJB, and other YouTube stars with millions of subscribers. The total audience of the represented bloggers is close to 30 million people.

Players will compete one on one, using decks of cards from their collections. A card’s power depends on real-life attributes, such as the number of subscribers, videos, and views on a blogger’s channel.

Wide-ranging support for creative and promising gaming projects is a part of DMarket’s global strategy. Our vast expertise in the games industry, unique technology and service will help monetize DHeroes and significantly expand its audience,

said Founder and CEO of DMarket Vlad Panchenko.

The game will be released on both the App Store and Google Play by the end of the year. Pre-order of DHeroes cards is already ongoing on DMarket’s in-game items marketplace. Players can buy bundles containing different numbers of card packs with a discount of up to 25%. After the game release, players will be able to buy and sell their unpacked cards on DMarket.

About DHeroes

DHeroes is a collectible card game for iOS and Android, developed by a young studio called Monodon. Each card in the game represents a popular video game blogger. Cards’ basic attributes are determined by the number of subscribers, videos, and views on a blogger’s channel. The cards also have additional powers and are split into several categories of rarity. The game is played one-on-one (PvP). The outcome of a duel depends on the card decks’ strength and players’ tactics. Learn more about the world’s first YouTuber-themed game here.

About DMarket

DMarket is an in-game items monetization technology and service. Gamers buy, sell, and exchange in-game items, while developers gain revenue from every transaction fee, expand their game communities, and increase the lifetime value of their titles.


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