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DHeroes Cards Unpacking and DMC/USD Switch Option

Catering to evolving user needs, the DMarket team is continuously implementing the best tech solutions available on the market to optimize the usability of its trading platform. We always handpick those features that fully resonate with our audience feedback and expectations.

This time around, DMarket focuses on new opportunities for DHeroes card holders as well as on UX enhancement while choosing the preferred currency for carrying out transactions.

DHeroes Cards Unpacking

Users who pre-ordered bundles of collectible cards for the upcoming mobile game DHeroes featured on DMarket, are now welcome to open up the card packs and enjoy having their exclusive in-game belongings. The unpacked game cards can be utilized as soon as the game will be released.

DMC/USD Currency Switch Option

The multi-currency functionality of the DMarket platform enables smooth and quick choice between DMC and USD currencies while carrying out transactions. You can easily set a default type in the website header to view every single item only in preferred monetary units.

The option works seamlessly with all items present on the marketplace: CS:GO and Dota 2 in-game skins, DHeroes cards, and DMarket collectables.

Also, the cart functionality has been reworked to help users smoothly manage their purchases. Enabling these options, along with introducing seven localization versions of the platform, adds much to the UX enhancement and the overall usability of DMarket trading services.

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