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A New Weapon in CS:GO – MP5-SD

A New Weapon in CS:GO – MP5-SD

Valve has released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It isn’t very big, but still, it contains quite an exciting thing – a new SMG has been added to the game – MP5-SD. Such innovations happen not very often…

An Alternative to MP7

MP5 is present in other Counter-Strike games, but for the Global Offensive installment, it was replaced with the MP7. Now everything changed, and MP5 has rushed into CS:GO as the silenced SMG, MP5-SD.

CS:GO Weapon MP5-SD Its characteristics are almost the same as for the MP7. The new gun causes only 2 less damage. MP5-SD is good for shooting on the move. Right now, CS:GO players can try it out in offline training with bots and in Casual and Deathwatch multiplayer matches (on the official servers).

To play with MP5-SD:

  • Visit your in-game inventory;
  • Find the MP5-SD icon and right-click it;
  • Choose Replace for both teams (for T or for CT.)
  • Use MP5-SD instead of MP7.

First MP5-SD skins have been added to the game with special CS:GO Skin Collections, made for Faceit Major in London. So now, players are able to buy these CS:GO skins on DMarket, among many other virtual items. The second skin for M5D was added on December, 6 with Danger Zone update - The first CS:GO Battle Royale mod.

Also, this update of CS:GO has brought some improvements to the game, such as bug fixes and adjustments to Panorama UI and Horizon Case. It’s worthwhile to pay attention to an interesting new feature – the possibility to advertise your single-player lobbies for nearby gamers.

Read more details about this update on the official CS:GO blog.

Meanwhile, the CS:GO community is preparing for the upcoming Esports event – DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018.

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