New CS:GO Skin Collections Presented! How to get them?
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New CS:GO Skin Collections Presented! How to get them?

Valve has revealed skins from two new collectible packages. They have been made for the upcoming CS:GO tournament Faceit Major London 2018.

The first one is The 2018 Inferno Collection. It contains 18 skins for various weapons, including one for the newest rifle MP5-SD – the skin Dirt Drop.

The second one is The 2018 Nuke Collection. There are 18 skins in it, and one of them is for MP5-SD – Co-Processor.

Skins from the Nuke and Inferno Collections come with:

  • Golden stickers of the Facit Major tournament;
  • Stickers of teams participating in this particular game;
  • Signature of MVP in this match.

How to win CS:GO Faceit Major Collections?

Gamers can win these Collections while watching matches of Faceit Major London 2018 – as a result of random distribution between players. Of course, just turning on the official Twitch stream is not enough. To win these CS:GO collections:

  • Connect your Twitch to your Steam account with the game, and then watch games – do this here;
  • Watch matches in the game itself, through GOTV (it’s possible even with the free version of CS:GO);
  • Use the streaming service – of course, you should be logged in for winning the collections.

The Inferno and Nuke Collections can be gained only during matches on the same maps. There are also CS:GO Collections for the other maps.

After the tournament is finished, you will be able to trade CS:GO skins from these Collections on DMarket – buy something for your inventory or sell items you aren’t going to use.

The previous time Valve added new skins to the game was the CS:GO update with Horizon Case.

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