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CS:GO Update 25 February 2020

Today, Valve released a new update for its title game - CS:GO. The latest version adds to the game’s unique operational missions, includes the introduction of character patches, and also an updated crosshair.

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CS:GO 02/25/2020 Patch Notes

Just like the previous cs go update this update is not big for CS:GO but there are some new and exciting features.

Patches for CS:GO Agents

The developers have added chevrons for CS:GO agents. These chevrons can be placed on the sleeve, the left side of the chest, and the back. There are 21 chevrons available for customization. After activation, chevrons cannot be “overweighted” but can only be removed from the agent.

CS:GO Patches

Full Buy Menu

In the update, the developers have also changed the menu for buying weapons. Now, next to the shop wheel, is the agent used in the game. Plus, when you open the store, the cursor is located in the center of the wheel by default.

CS:GO Buy Menu Preview

Crosshair Settings

You can find a new individual crosshair generator in the CS:GO setup menu. It can be adjusted by several parameters: style, thickness, length, color, transparency, etc. Sighting schemes can be saved so you can share their configuration with other players. A unique link is then generated for this purpose.

New CS:GO Crosshair Menu

Find out about the ultimate crosshair guide in our article CS:GO crosshair settings.

New Operational Missions

From today, new missions for the Shattered Web Operation will be available.

CS:GO Light Buy Operation Shattered Web Week 15

The patch has increased the maximum FPS limit to 400 (instead of 300). This is to support monitors with higher refresh rates. Developers have also updated localization files and fixed the bug which caused crashes.

The main driving force of the game is its esports component. Every year there are many tournaments with huge prize pools and thousands of fans. Follow our article to keep up with the most anticipated CS:GO tournaments in 2020.

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