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Free CS:GO – Play Offline and Watch Matches

With the CS:GO update, released on August 29 2018, Valve presented a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

So, is Counter Strike Global Offensive going to be free?

Yes, it has limited functionality but may become the best way to try the shooting matches without spending money on the game license.

Is CS:GO Free Now?

Yes, CS:GO free! On December, 6 2018 CS:GO became fully free and a new mod was added — CS:GO Danger Zone: CS:GO Battle Royale.

Free CS:GO contains:

  • Offline matches with bots. A super nice way to train your skills before delving into multiplayer matches.
  • GOTV viewing. Watch Esports events with vaster possibilities than on Twitch or YouTube, like choosing which player you want to follow.

Install free CS:GO from Steam following this link.

CS:GO free version

Of course, this free game will be inferior to the full CS:GO, which demonstrates all its greatness in the multiplayer modes. Still, if you never played this title and want to feel CS:GO gameplay in practice – this will be an excellent way to do so.

Among other CS:GO updates, it’s worth highlighting:

  • Adding tournament items for the upcoming colossal event FACEIT Major: London 2018.
  • Fixing various aspects of Panorama UI;
  • Tweaking the appearance of the new MP5-SD weapon. Also, this gun will be available for creating skins in the workshop.
  • Some adjustments for a better gaming experience with Steam Controller.

We may assume that the CS:GO free to play version is made for attracting new players to the game. Often, Valve makes the full game super cheap during various Steam sales, but even the full price can be compensated if players sell CS:GO skins on DMarket.

Also, read our essential CS guide with tips to know all about the game.

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