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E3 Rumors Recap: What to Expect in 2018

Happy days and jubilation for game fans all over the globe! E3, one of the most anticipated and hyped game conventions is right around the corner. A welcoming venue, the Los Angeles Convention Center, is due to open its doors from June 12 to June 14 and host the world’s top developers and publishers who will showcase their hottest rollouts and upcoming projects.   

What releases should PC, console and mobile game aficionados expect from industry giants this year? The popular event, as has always been the case, is preceded by a plethora of mouth-watering news and rumors. We have picked the most thrilling ones that are circulating these days for you to see if they come true.

Battlefield V: Surprise, You’ve Been Egged!

battlefield 5 While longing for a new game installment from EA, avid fans of the Battlefield franchise have eventually revealed an Easter egg about the exact release date and details of the upcoming first-person shooter. Unlocking a secret door in Battlefield 1 has become possible only with a recent update, allowing players to decipher the Morse code with a new title name and other info to be found on a specialized EA website. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed until May 23.

Also, Battlefield V is rumored to feature a highly trending Battle Royale mode. Some anonymous sources have recently unveiled the news that DICE is testing new gameplay mechanics to show to the gaming community.

The game is confirmed to appear at E3 in a playable format.

What to Expect from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4  

call of duty Some interesting yet unconfirmed news concerns a new CoD: Black Ops title. First off, insiders who asked not to be named, state that the PC version is going to be distributed and therefore purchased exclusively via the marketplace. This seems to be an unwise decision to rerail games to the Blizzard platform, since a Steam-based gaming community can, at the very least, double the revenues.

Another sad piece of news upsetting FPS fans these days is the uncertain availability of a single-player mode to be presented in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. According to sources in the project’s team, players might lose the chance to enjoy a classic campaign because of a lack of time required to complete the mode. Let’s hope and see on May 17 if Activision has enough developers and game designers worth their salt to accomplish this paramount task.

Mortal Kombat XI: Let the Fight Begin?

mortal combat Ed Boon, eternal creator and ruler of the MK universe has started teasing the gaming community on Twitter with hints that might imply a would-be appearance of Mortal Kombat XI. With E3 only several weeks away, his substituting of the letter C with K in every single post seems to be proof enough to many devoted gamers. Hopefully, E3 will prove this info to be true or false.

Rage 2: a New Mad Max or Mad Mix?

rage 2 There was a wild bunch of viral and controversial content spread across gaming resources on the Internet. Some fake leaks went out about a new project guided by Id Software, since they are the authors of the original game. However, as has just been reported, Bethesda decided to leverage the hands-on expertise of Avalanche Studios to help create a new, officially confirmed sequel of the well-known hit. This development team is best known for such titles as 2015’s Mad Max and Just Cause. The only thing that disturbs the community is whether Avalanche can vanquish temptations to make just another clone of Mad Max.

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