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Best Halloween-Themed Games Events and Makeovers (2018 Edition)

At times, even ardent gamers get sick and tired of doing routine tasks in games. If you are a true fan of video games, you might know perfectly well what it is when the game you once loved has become bland and boring.

What can revitalize your favorite olde-worlde game and make you spend another bunch of hours playing?

The answer is clear – less rote tasks, and more fresh quests and cool-looking skins to bedizen your characters. That’s where seasonal events are of the greatest service to gamers, bringing them lots of juicy content and engaging activities.

Seasonal events with one-of-a-kind content and rewards are much appreciated among the gaming audience. This time around, high expectations for new breathtaking in-game content are growing by leaps and bounds among the fan community, while Halloween festivities are just two weeks away.

Alongside a whole slew of brand new 2018 games coming in October, top gaming titles are going to treat their fans with mouthwatering DLC packs and cosmetic in-game items related to the upcoming holiday. Let’s find out what spooky perks the video game companies are set to pull out of their hats this Halloween.

The Games Best Prepared for Halloween


The latest Halloween Terror event started off a week ago and is due on October 31. This is an annual event in Overwatch, providing its fans with a bunch of exclusive time-limited skins.

Overwatch Halloween skins
Players can get up to nine frightening costumes, including six of Legendary class to don their characters. It is high time for you to scare the pants off your enemies or even teammates!

Also, you can get these cosmetic skins from event loot boxes, available from the official store. Moreover, festive skins from the previous events are on sale now for a short period with a great discount. Hurry up though, unless the loot boxes are out of stock!

If you cannot afford to purchase a set of loot boxes to enjoy new Halloween skins, there is always a chance to receive shiny in-game stuff through grinding in the re-opened Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode.

Until October 31 you and your teammates can participate in this special PvE mode against such powerful foes as creepy Junkenstein with his almost undefeatable Monster, the mighty Summoner, the deadly Reaper; and the scary Witch of the Wilds.

The Halloween Overwatch Terror event has also brought a chilling air to old locations in the game, giving a new look to the Château Guillard, Hollywood, and Eichenwalde maps!

Destiny 2

From my viewpoint, Destiny 2 is truly destined (pun intended!) to be remembered as one of the best action games of the last decade.

Destiny Halloween

With a large-scale extension Destiny 2: Forsaken, which was released this September, has acquired a wide gaming audience around the globe, and becomes a gem in my collection.

Together with a new update, the returning Halloween-themed event, the Festival of the Lost, is live now and playable through November 6.

The event introduces the Haunted Forest – a challenging instance accessible for all players (even without the Curse of Osiris expansion purchased). Here you have to survive against incoming waves of tough enemies, which get harder to deal with each time.

You are free to play this activity in solo mode or with three of your friends. Completing this quest allows you to get a special collectible reward, Fragmented Souls – new currency tokens for trading event-related masks and an exclusive weapon.

Visit the official page on the Bungie website for more details. The most devoted fans can even order event-related papercraft masks to scare their friends in real life.

World of Tanks

Wargaming goes even further than its competitors while preparing for the Halloween season.

World of Tanks Halloween Season

The company brought in a well-known artist and designer, Peter Pound, the creator of futuristic vehicle concepts in the blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road. The expert made great design work for three new tanks, namely Scavenger, Tankenstein and Gravedigger.

Working together with the World of Tanks Blitz team, I was able to create some unique designs and given creative freedom. The challenge here was taking tanks and making them even more heavy metal! I enjoy a challenge and it was a cool experience. Now I hope everyone enjoys the hard work put into these steel beasts.

Peter Pound, Mad Max: Fury Road’s Principle Vehicle Designer and Concept Artist.

The Mad Games event is live now and runs till October 25, encouraging dedicated tankmen to engage in more battles to win honorable prizes.

For instance, you can get yourself the Scavenger if you manage to achieve 50 victories in ordinary brawls or in arena battles. The other tanks require completion of one of the two warpaths. The event is due on October 25 and you can claim your reward until November 12.

WoT daredevils can get some awesome merchandise from the official store to show off their expertise in tanking.


Since then, the title has gained even more traction among its followers and even non-gamers. A Google-backed survey named Frightgeist revealed that the most anticipated nationwide costume for Halloween 2018 in the USA is from Fortnite!

In addition to Season 6 release, the newly updated v6.10 patch introduces a number of eye-catching outfits, skins, emotes and other cosmetic items to the game, which are designed in the vein of Halloween.

Fortnite Halloween Season

Some of the event-related items already unveiled on Fortnite: Battle Royale Twitter account are as follows.


All this Halloween hoopla makes Esports games keep in line with the popular trend, and FIFA 19 is no exception.

Fifa 19 Halloween Season

Along with a full set of UEFA Champions League Edition items added to the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) collection, the news about an upcoming release of Halloween-themed cards has recently leaked on the Internet.

An event-specific set of cards is called the FIFA Ultimate Scream, and is predicted to give players a huge deal of in-game stat boost during the festive period. For the rest of the matches within the FUT calendar, these exclusive cards of the Halloween pack will have just a slight advantage over the regular ones.

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