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CS:GO Kart — a Fun Addition to Your Gaming Experience

Counter-Strike is obviously about shooting. You need to build a clever team strategy to effectively attack opponents. And you need to develop powerful personal skills to be victorious in every match and every situation. Wow, this level of competition might be pretty stressful, so in addition to the usual CS:GO practice, it would be helpful to add something relaxing and fun.

CS:GO Kart is an excellent mod to distract yourself from the primary competition and still remain in your favorite game. It was released on 29 August 2022, and quickly became super popular. Let’s take a quick look at this map/mod! Is it really good? Is it worth installing and playing?

csgo kart

Rocket League in CS:GO

CS:GO Kart is basically another competitive game in the environment of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game is inspired by Rocket League — soccer matches where players control cars instead of humans.

The Kart mod does copy the art style and the general idea of Rocket League. But it does not copy the whole game. It’s a unique thing that remains true to its CS:GO roots. Surprisingly, the mod even has something from Team Fortress 2.

You control a kart on a pretty big and cool-looking map. Players form two teams (kind of T vs CT). The goal of a match is to capture the flag of your opponents and deliver it to your base. As easy as pie.

Still, such simplicity is just a surface. Beneath it, you will find many possible strategies and the space for skill development. Just like the same deep gameplay that the original CS:GO offers.

The map itself makes the competition interesting. There are different ways to build your team’s actions on offense and defense. The more you play CS:GO Kart, the more layers open. Such an approach is a recipe for a long life of the mod with much playing excitement.

We at DMarket totally recommend you guys to try out CS:GO Kart!

How to Install CS:GO Kart

You need to install the map from the Workshop.

  1. Follow this link if you use the web version. If you want to find the map directly in the Steam app, follow the path: CS:GO page in your Library -> Workshop -> paste CSGO Kart in the search field

  2. Press the Subscribe button

  3. Launch the game and look for CS:GO Kart in the workshop menu.

Is the Map Good for CS:GO Training?

To be honest, the mod feels a lot like a different game, so it would be too much to expect any growth of your skills directly in Counter-Strike.

On the other hand, CS:GO Kart is absolutely fun and perfectly refreshing. It’s a good idea to take breaks from your regular practice and then return to it with restored energy.

In this way, the map is good for your training. Still, if you look for something more practical for Counter-Strike shootout sessions, check out the best CS2 maps for Aim-Training and Surfing.

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Did you have a chance to play CS:GO Kart? Do you enjoy the mod? Please, share your opinion through the DMarket pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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