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Counter-Strike 2 Is Out Now for Everyone

Let us start this post with a sentimental statement. Thank you CS:GO for so many wonderful playing hours, for all those amazing esports events, and for literally shaping the current world of Counter-Strike. Thank you! And farewell.

The king is changed, long live the king! CS2 is here, and it’s finally available for everyone.

We at DMarket awaited this moment with great anticipation. Yep, the CS2 features are absolutely amazing and promise quite a refreshed experience within our favorite game. But to be honest, it’s not the technical improvements that excite us the most about Counter-Strike 2.

The many updated details on the new game engine will certainly bring new life to the shootout matches; many players will jump back onto the familiar maps, and we all will have even more fun than usual — in both casual and top-level competitive communities. That’s totally awesome!

CS2 is out, and you need to get the newest version on your Steam.

How many new operations will we have there? What drops will bless your inventory? Let’s just live through the adventure of this new release and fully enjoy it!

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