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The Best 1v1 Maps in CS2 | Top 13 List

There are so many gameplay options for CS2 that you can always find something to keep the game and competition fresh. Whether you want hardcore competition or a more casual experience, you have every option with CS2.

One of the most popular gameplay options is 1v1. This classic mode allows players to settle debates 1v1 style to determine who is truly the best player. 1v1 also makes for great practice if you ever find yourself in a clutch situation. Being able to deal with the stress and pressure of 1v1 will carry over to your regular competitive play.

So below we’ll list our 13 best CS2 1v1 maps to play against your friends — or your foes!

Dust 2 (Wingman)

dust 2 wingman map in CS2

The original Dust 2 map is the successor to the very popular Dust map. The map is considered a classic so almost every player from veteran to noob will be familiar with it, or at least they should be.

Originally meant for Wingman (2v2), this version of the Dust 2 map is also one of the best CS2 1v1 maps.

This map is very easy for players to jump into as they’ll most likely recognize key areas of the map. Of course, the 1v1 version is much smaller, but it also has certain modifications that make it perfect for aggressive play styles and fast action.

If you need help setting up a 1v1 match, read our 1v1 in CS:GO guide for all the tips and tricks.

Download Dust 2 (Wingman)


aim_redline map in CS2

This map by Togib is perfect for players who love to dominate the angles. This map offers so many unique angles to learn and exploit despite being a smaller map. There are also great headshot angles and peek spots throughout.

Weapon spawns also offer a unique balance for players with an AWP toward the middle of the map for those willing to risk grabbing it.

Overall, this is a good, well-balanced map that you can play 1v1 over and over again and always find new ways to play.

Download aim_redline

Cascade (Prime)

cascade prime map in CS2

This is an amazing-looking map and an example of how much work the community puts into creating great content.

This map also only has one site so there is very little searching around for your opponent. This makes for very fast-paced action. However, there are still some tactical options because entry points to certain areas are varied and allow for different strategies.

Plenty of elevation changes and angles make this a map that never gets stale and always provides something new for those looking to push their skills.

If you want some flashy skins to go along with this stylish map, check out our list of the most expensive CS skins.

Download Cascade (Prime)


aim_aim_aim map in CS2

For those who may be on PCs that struggle a little, this map will allow almost any rig to get a high FPS. This map appears very simplistic on the surface, but as is usually the case, the simplicity is what makes it so good.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and simple map as well as one you may not have come across before, check out this gem on Steam.

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Download aim_aim_aim


aim_crashz_dust_1on1 map in CS2

Crashz is one of the most prolific map creators and he delivered with this remake of the classic Dust map, but for 1v1.

Random weapon spawns including the M4A1, AK-47, and AWP for both sides help keep things balanced. The map is also highly optimized for great performance and high FPS.

You can’t go wrong with this map and if you have memories of the original Dust map, definitely give this one a go for a touch of nostalgia.

Download aim_crashz_dust_1on1

1v1 Spaceship

1v1 spaceship map in CS2

This one is a bit different so it might not be for everybody. But if you’ve wondered what CS2 in space would look like, here’s your chance to experience it 1v1 style.

This map has the look of the interior of a spaceship or space station and the creators did a great job capturing the aesthetic. Amazing views out of the window showing asteroids and planets add to the overall immersion.

There are a lot of corners in this interior map so the action is fast-paced and you can really work on your skills when peeking.

Download 1v1 Spaceship


awp_lego_2_HD map in CS2

This map is perfect for AWPing and is one of the most popular 1v1 playlist maps around. As the name suggests, this map takes its design cue from the iconic Lego we all know and love. It also offers bright colors and wide open spaces, which give it a much different feel to many other close-quarter maps.

If you need a splash of color in your next match, you can’t go wrong with this 1v1 classic.

Download awp_lego_2_HD


aim_map_pro map in CS2

This is an extremely popular 1v1 map and it’s also one you often see used by professional players or streamers when looking for some fun 1v1 action.

The main reason top players love this map is that you have to be fast and have a perfect aim to win consistently. It’s very fast-paced and there is not much room to set up your strategy. This means you need to react instantly to what unfolds and the best player is the one left standing.

Check out this classic if you need to work on your reaction time or aim.

Download aim_map_pro


Aim_AllPistols_2077 map in CS2

If you are looking for 1v1 action and pistol only, then this is the best map you’ll find. Of course, you can probably guess from the name this map spawns with all pistols available.

The “2077” is a nod to cyberpunk themes as the map itself has a colorful neon look that can be described as either cyberpunk or, maybe more accurately, synthwave. Either way, it’s another colorful map if you’re looking to get away from the usual earth tones and grays in traditional maps. If you love neon skins in Counter-Strike as much as we do, then you must check out the best of them.

This map also allows you to change weapons by shooting at photos on the various walls which adds another nice playstyle element to the experience.

Speaking of weapons, if you need a knife, read our guide explaining how to get a knife in CS2.

Download Aim_AllPistols_2077


awp_india_winter map in CS2

We’ve included this map in the list for two reasons. Firstly, it’s more of a medium-sized map when it comes to 1v1, which makes it unique and a great alternative for those looking for something more tactical. Next, it has snow and sometimes it’s just cool to play a snow map.

The mostly white color palette makes it very easy to spot players at a distance, so be careful with your peeking on this map as you’ll be easy to see even from far away.

Download awp_india_winter


brewery map in CS2

Although you may feel bad shooting up a brewery and ruining all that good liquor, it still makes for a fun map and unique atmosphere.

The Brewery 1v1 map is designed for fast action and funnels players into the same spot, so you won’t be wasting time on this map running around in circles. The action happens fast and reaction time and aim wins out most often.

This is a newer 1v1 map compared to some of the more classic maps mentioned, so many people may not have experienced it.

Download Brewery

Aim Map | Gamma

aim map gamma map in CS2

This brightly colored orange and blue map has a fairly complex geometric layout that provides a lot of cover. It features plenty of areas to land a wallbang on your opponents who choose the wrong spot to take a breather.

This map also has buy zones to pick up items other than the default spawn-in weapons. Overall, this is a cool and unique map that everyone should experience in 1v1.

Download Aim Map | Gamma


shred map in CS2

This skatepark-inspired map makes the list and it’s one of the newest 1v1 maps so we hope more people get to enjoy it.

If you have fond memories of playing any of the Tony Hawk games back in the day then you’ll love the look of this map. Full of ramps and quarter pipes, this map plays fairly quickly and the action is paced well.

There are skateboards scattered throughout the map that respond to being shot. Overall, this is a creative map that deserves more attention so make sure to give it a try.

Download Shred

1v1 has been a staple of CS2 and almost every competitive FPS since the beginning of the genre. There’s no better way to settle beef with friends or enemies than with a 1v1 match.

However, it also offers a fun way to practice certain situations and the benefits will make you a better player when you return to normal competitive play.

So give these 1v1 maps a try and have some fun improving your skills and challenging your friends to a friendly (or unfriendly) 1v1 match.

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