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The Best CS2 Bhop Maps

You need to develop quite a few skills to win CS2 matches — and even just to feel confident in the game. Perfect control of your movement in the virtual world is one of these skills. You should be swift during the shooting matches to reach an important spot and take an advantageous position earlier than your opponents. Bunny Hop might be a helpful trick to increase your speed. While working on this technique, you will also build solid movement abilities.

Like many other types of dedicated practice, this one is more efficient in special locations. In this article, we’ve collated the best CS2 Bhop maps.

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What Is Bunny Hop? Why Do You Need It?

It’s a technique when you activate every jump right at the moment of landing. As a result, you move faster.

Bunny Hop might not be effective on official competitive servers due to their specific settings. Still, you might have some advantages while turning in the air — jump and turn before landing.

Bunny Hop practice is pretty helpful for improving your general movement control. Even though you don’t really use this technique much, you’ll feel more confident on all the best CS2 maps.

CS:GO Bhop Maps

The community has created lots of locations to practice Bunny Hop. Like with CS2 surfing maps, you don’t need to overthink your choice — get any you consider interesting, practice, and then move further.

CS2 Bhop maps offer various obstacle courses. They have different designs, but all of them develop the skill of quick jumping and turning in the air. Pay special attention to strafing. While in the air, change the direction you’re looking in to increase your speed even more.

Let’s list some really good maps you could practice CS2 Bunny Hop on!


It has pretty diverse obstacles: from light steps to floating platforms and strafe through walls.

The style of this Bhop map is both ascetic and cosmic. You will be playing in a big open space with cool-looking platforms.

Download bhop_sangria map

Bunny Crash Bandicoot Egypt

It’s an elaborate map with the biggest emphasis on an artistic style. You might not be a fan of Crash Bandicoot games, but you can still appreciate these beautiful tunnels.

Gameplay-wise, the map is less versatile than, for example, bhop_sangria. Still, it’s pretty helpful to practice in closed tunnels with limited view.

Download Bunny Crash Bandicoot Egypt map


Do you enjoy retro platformers? This map has been made in the style of such games, so it’s quite a distraction from the traditional CS2 action.

The course itself gives you many opportunities to practice various aspects of the Bunny Hop technique. It would be a good idea just to let yourself explore the location and experiment with alternative jumps.

Download bhop_oldschool map

bhop Infinity

What about practicing Bunny Hop in space? On the one hand, the map is rather straightforward — three lines of platforms in an infinite void. You need only to reach the distant finish. On the other hand, you have the freedom to practice whatever you wish to: strafe, direct jumps, or quick turns.

It’s a basic map if you know what to practice and don’t need additional motivation (such as art style).

Download bhop Infinity map


Not only does this Bhop map invite you to the wonderful world of Lego blocks, but it also offers a very decent obstacle course. You will have versatile training to develop basic skills.

The map is big and combines open space and closed tunnels.

Download bhop_lego2 map


It’s a futuristic location with some unusual twists. Sometimes, you need to just move forward, but next, you enter a higher level through the hole in the ceiling and start practicing turning.

The map is all about the technical aspects of Bunny Hop.

Download bhop_illusions map


It’s one of the best-looking Bhop maps in CS2. Delve into a location from the game Tron: Evolution and jump on the platform surrounded by awesome neon lights.

The map is huge and versatile. Exploring its features is fun enough to spend time here. Your Bunny Hop skills will become a kind of free addition.

Download bhop_tron_evolution map

It’s important to return to the best Bhop maps in CS2 regularly as any skill requires time and regular repetition. You might add such type of practice into your playing sessions until you feel perfectly confident.

And don’t forget about many other aspects of the game. What’s with your aim training?

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