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The Best CS2 Weapons for Beginners (Top 10 List)

When it comes to competitive FPS games, the longer a game has been around and the more dedicated the player base, the harder it usually is to jump in and be able to hold your own.

The reason for this is that longstanding games have a large player base with lots of experience, sometimes spanning a decade or more. This means it’s very likely that beginners will be regularly matched up with more experienced players.

CS2 is a perfect example of this. It’s been around for a long time and many players have been playing hours a day for years and years. But that doesn’t mean a beginner can’t still do well with a little research and practice.

One key thing new players should research is the best weapons for beginners which are presented below.

best csgo weapons for beginners

You want something that fits your playstyle which you can learn quickly. You also want to make sure you are playing to the weapon’s strengths.

So let’s take a closer look at the best СS:GO weapons and their weaknesses and strengths so you can find which one works best for you.


AWP in CS2

A lot of players gravitate toward the AWP as their first weapon. This is likely due to seeing so many pros use it or maybe they got killed by it themselves and now see it as an OP gun they want to use.

However, the AWP requires a lot of skill and a certain playstyle. It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of weapon that benefits those who really understand how to use it. You need strong map knowledge and awareness, plus good aim, to pull this gun off.

It’s also a slower weapon, so if you grab an AWP and start rushing, you will not last long. Instead, it’s best for a slower playstyle where you lock down sightlines.

An AWP can one-shot enemies, but it’s also expensive and if you get caught by surprise and have to fight close to mid-range, you’re at a huge disadvantage and will likely lose that gunfight no matter how good you are.

So as a beginner weapon, just understand that playstyle is what makes the AWP work best. Make sure you play the AWP to its strengths if you want to use this weapon and get good.

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AK-47 in CS2

The AK-47 can be a strong choice for a beginner. It is one of the most used weapons with good damage and a good TTK. With headshots, you can even get a one-shot kill.

The downside of the AK-47 is the recoil. That power has to be balanced somehow and that means the gun will bounce pretty hard with sustained fire. Beginners will want to practice their recoil control against bots or friends to develop the skills needed for this gun.

Shot placement is also critical. A very skilled player can go for headshots. But beginners should aim lower and let the recoil ride up. You’ll land more shots on target like this at the expense of fewer initial headshots.

If you practice the recoil on this gun, AK-47 is a great choice for close to mid-range and even multiple enemies due to its damage.

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M4A4 in CS2

M4A4 is one of the best all-round weapons for beginners and can work at different ranges.

Many people think of the M4A4 as like the AK but with a little less damage and easier recoil. This means it works well at longer ranges due to the reduced spray. So with a little effort, you can stretch this gun out a little further and still be competitive.

Unlike the AK, which requires your recoil control to be on point, the M4A4 requires you to land that initial shot to be effective. With the reduced damage, you have to land those first shots otherwise the TTK really gets too long to be competitive anymore.

Overall, this is a great beginner gun with all-round usefulness. Just focus on landing your first shots with this weapon to get the most from it.

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M4A1-s in CS2

This silenced version of the M4 is another great beginner weapon in CS2. Of course, the silencer option is a huge benefit when shooting from cover since your position is concealed.

The trade-off is a slower fire rate, but on the upside, that means lower recoil than the AK and the M4A4. So this gun can excel at longer ranges where the spray on the other guns just becomes too much.

It also shares a decent mag size like the M4A4. M4A1-S is a good weapon for beginners who prefer something that can handle longer ranges.

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Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle in CS2

If you want fast mobility with the ability to kill in one shot, the iconic Desert Eagle may be right for you.

For a beginner though, this gun requires headshots to really shine. The low mag size and high recoil mean that if you miss that first headshot, you are immediately at a disadvantage.

That means to take advantage of this gun, you need to move fast, get in, take your shot, then get out of there. This isn’t the gun for getting into 50/50 gunfights where you spray and pray.

If you are more of a rusher, give the Desert Eagle a try. Just make sure your aim is on point to take advantage of the power.

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SG 553

SG 553 in CS2

For beginners that find the spray of the AK to be a bit too much and can’t get a handle on it, try the SG 553.

Not only does this gun have lower recoil, but it’s also equipped with a scope for higher accuracy at longer ranges. Of course, this comes at the cost of reduced damage. SG 553 fills a nice role for beginners who prefer something that is a bit easier to control and can also work well at range.

If the AK and M4 variants aren’t working for you, give the SG 553 a try.

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USP-S in CS2

This pistol comes with a silencer by default, and although you can remove it, it’s best to leave it on for the reduced recoil it offers.

If you like the movement of the Desert Eagle but find the recoil too high, give the USP-S a try. It has less damage, less reserve ammo, and a slower fire rate than other pistols, but USP-S can excel at longer pistol combat distances.

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AUG in CS2

The AUG is mostly seen as the mirror image of SG 553. It handles and performs very similarly and beginners can often learn to quickly scope with it relatively easily.

Up close it can do one-shot kills if landing a headshot, but further out the damage drops off and you can’t one-shot enemies anymore.

The AUG is heavy and doesn’t have the best mobility, which is a shame since it works well up close if you can land those headshots.

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Glock-18 in CS2

As one of the cheapest pistols in the game, beginners sometimes gravitate to this fully auto-capable pistol.

The problem is, it’s not that great of a pistol and loses out to many competitors like the Dual Berettas. It does have some strong points though: great ammo capacity, fast reload time, and good mobility.

If you can stick to full auto bursts up close and then quickly switch to semi-auto at medium ranges, you can make this gun work. But it’s a handful and can put you at a disadvantage.

Many beginners think this a great gun due to the iconic nature of the G18 in movies and pop culture. But in game, Glock-18 is the best choice when you don’t want a challenge.

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UMP-45 in CS2

The UMP is a strong all-round weapon that many beginners find easy to use in most situations. Despite being an SMG, it competes with assault rifles in many situations. Of course, it isn’t a true assault rifle, but for close to medium engagements, this gun works very well. It’s easy to control and offers good mobility.

As a beginner, you can also test out whether you like a more rushed playstyle when using this gun instead of a slower assault rifle.

Overall, if you like SMGs, give this gun a try. It’s a great entry point for beginners looking to get good with an SMG. Besides, they look really impressive together with stylish gloves!

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Final Tips On CS2 Beginner Guns

Any gun you choose to use will take some practice. You have to learn the spray or recoil of each gun and which situation that gun excels in.

When testing a new gun, it’s always a good idea to start practicing with some bots or on a training map. That way you can really study the gun and how it works without worrying about the stress of competing.

Read over this list of the best CS2 weapons for beginners and decide which one sounds good to you. Then take it out and try it. Just remember to be patient and make sure you are playing to your gun’s strengths and not its weaknesses.

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