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The Best CS2 Music Kits

Let the music surround you! It creates awesome vibes and supports any mood you wish to dive into.

Game music is as significant as the playlists you have on your streaming platform. Soundtracks create an atmosphere for brave adventures — and there are no questions about this. But what about such games as CS2? Doesn’t that music become a bit annoying after hundreds and thousands of play hours?

Yeah, we have this cool thing to solve this small issue — CS2 Music Kits. Activate it, and some default tracks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive change to custom ones. It’s a great feature even if the original music doesn’t annoy you. Just try it out and feel the difference.

As a marketplace of in-game items, DMarket has lots of CS2 Music Kits. In fact, our platform has so many of them that we decided to make the process of choosing soundtracks for your shooting matches a bit easier. Here is our list of the 10 best Music Kitsand guys, we share our personal opinion, don’t get mad not seeing “that greatest song of all time”.

The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE

music kit The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE
  • Starting Price: $2.89

What do you think about ENCE? It’s totally a provocative question, as this Music Kit is strongly associated with that Finnish team. The ENCE guys used it as their anthem at the finals of IEM Katowice.

And The Verkkars, the music creators, are also from Finland.

Buy Music Kit | The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE

bbno$, u mad!

music kit bbno$, u mad!
  • Starting Price: $2.08

It’s a track from the Canadian rapper bbno$. The official description hints at some toxic atmosphere around this composition. Who would mind winning a match by destroying the opponents, bringing them to boiling point, and then asking “Are you mad? Why are you mad?”

Buy Music Kit | bbno$, u mad!


music kit Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT.
  • Starting Price: $1.37

What about some intensity in your CS2 fighting spirit? This track has it, so if you like the atmosphere of powerful battles with trustworthy teammates on your side, get this Music Kit into your inventory. The artist is Scarlxrd, a popular British rapper. His music style is pretty unique, and it might be exactly what you are looking for.

Buy Music Kit | Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT.

Scarlxrd: King, Scar

music kit Scarlxrd King, Scar
  • Starting Price: $1.56

It’s another composition by Scarlxrd in our top list, and it’s as unique as CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT. You might think it starts a bit more relaxing — but that is an illusion. Probably it’s the same sort of illusion as your gentle appearance in CS2 maps — to just burst with powerful action and let your team win the round and the whole game.

Buy Music Kit | Scarlxrd: King, Scar

Beartooth, Aggressive

music kit Beartooth, Aggressive
  • Starting Price: $0.45

From rap to the classic vibes of hard rock. This Music Kit is based on the studio album Aggressive by the American band Beartooth. A cool thing about it is that you will not be distracted by voice and words. The Kit is full of atmospheric music that helps you tune in to intense and hopefully successful shooting battles.

Buy Music Kit | Beartooth, Aggressive

The Verkkars & n0thing, Flashbang Dance

music kit The Verkkars & n0thing, Flashbang Dance
  • Starting Price: $1.89

Are you ready to bring brighter rhythms into your CS2 drive? The Verkkars & n0thing have created a pretty interesting mix of styles. When you think you already feel the spirit of their track, they manage to surprise you with something unusual. Perhaps your own playing style should be like this — unpredictable to win many rounds and cheerful to enjoy every moment in the game.

Buy Music Kit | The Verkkars & n0thing, Flashbang Dance

Skog, III-Arena

music kit Skog, III-Arena
  • Starting Price: $0.41

This CS2 Music Kit creates both inspiring and intense atmospheres. They kind of replace each other while the sounds flow into your ears. And it pretty much represents how players and teams should feel in matches! Be inspired to learn and improve your skills, create dangerous plans, then carry out intense and fast actions, flawless communication, with a full focus on victory.

Buy Music Kit | Skog, III-Arena

Mord Fustang, Diamonds

music kit Mord Fustang, Diamonds
  • Starting Price: $2.17

Here is something cheerful for you guys. Light beats with streams of light sounds. The Estonian DJ Mord Fustang shares some music Diamonds with you — let them bring you many successful matches. The genre of this Music Kit is rather experimental, and it totally can represent your mood on a joyful day.

Buy Music Kit | Mord Fustang, Diamonds


music kit AWOLNATION, I Am
  • Starting Price: $2.45

Many players prefer avoiding tension around their CS2 matches. A calm heart and cold mind could bring much better results. Keep your rage at bay with this somewhat relaxing Music Kit. Do you like to be focused on the shooting and actions of your team? Despite this, the soundtrack by the American rock band AWOLNATION is not sleepy. It creates relaxed joy and positive confidence in your strengths.

Buy Music Kit | AWOLNATION, I Am

Various Artists, Hotline Miami

music kit Various Artists, Hotline Miami
  • Starting Price: $2.46

Did you ever play Hotline Miami? It’s a difficult, unforgiving game — exactly like CS2. In that adventure, you need to kill a bunch of opponents in a location without taking a shot. Actions should be quick and perfect. Sometimes only many attempts help players clear a level.

This soundtrack is exactly from that game. And if it creates a proper atmosphere for those missions, it might really support your focus in CS2. In this (our favorite) game, success comes to those who are ready to practice a lot and thus polish every action in different situations.

Buy Music Kit | Various Artists, Hotline Miami

The collection of Music Kits in CS2 is impressively huge. We encourage you guys to be brave in your experiments and find the best soundtracks especially for you. Remember — you are not limited to one. Your mood changes and the music should complement it.

Do you know what else could change alongside your mood? Yes, game weapons! Surprise your teammates and opponents with colorful equipment, buy CS2 skins on DMarket.

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