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All Crosshair Commands in CS2
There is no doubt about the importance of the crosshair in CS2. This small thing on the screen helps you shoot accurately in various dynamic situations and on different backgrounds. At the same time, the crosshair should not take too much attention, distracting players from the action.
Information about the Latest Steam Update and Its Impact on DMarket Services (Updated)
Valve recently introduced an update that affects CS and the trading community. According to this update, from now on any items bought or traded will not be visible to others in your Steam inventory for a 10-day time period.
M4A4 vs M4A1-S: Tactical Dilemmas in Counter-Strike 2
In Counter-Strike 2 choosing M4A4 vs M4A1-S is vital for Counter-Terrorist players. These guns have a dedicated group of fans, causing arguments and discussions in the gaming community. Looking closely at the M4A4 and M4A1-S, we’ll discuss how they can affect a player’s plan and effectiveness in the game.
MP9 vs MP7 in CS2: Which Weapon Is Better?
The MP9 vs MP7 are significant options, each with unique qualities and uses. Learning about the background and popularity of these guns provides valuable insights into the strategies players use in the game. You can also find out when is better to buy CS2 skins after choosing the gun that fits you best.
The Best Kukri Knife Skins in CS2
Not so long ago, Valve pleased fans of the Counter-Strike game with a new update: A Call to Arms. Among the сhanges and items that this update brought was the Kukri knife. Imbued with deep cultural significance and a storied past, the Kukri knife holds a place of honor.
The Best CS2 Gloves (Rated by Popularity Among Players)
In the universe of Counter-Strike 2, where every detail can tilt the scales of victory, the choice of gloves has transcended mere cosmetic appeal, embodying both personal flair and psychological warfare. As players navigate through tense shootouts and strategic maneuvers, their gloves not only serve as a badge of their gaming identity but also their dedication and style.
How to Remove Bots in CS2 | All You Should Know about Bots
Counter-Strike 2 is a multiplayer game alright. But bots are present here too, adding their artificial intelligence to our practice sessions and games on custom servers. Those unreal Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists may be quite helpful for different game scenarios.
Evolution of Counter-Strike Skins (From CS 1.6 to Counter-Strike 2)
Can you believe there was a time when Counter-Strike had no weapon skins? A dark era indeed! Now, with CS2 to enjoy and compete in, skins are such an integral part of the experience. And even more, they have pushed the title to become one of the most popular games and an elite esports discipline.
The Best CS2 Maps (Ranked by Popularity)
Counter-Strike 2 keeps a wonderful balance of classic and newer maps in the Active Duty pool. It’s quite important for the game! On the one hand, people have been playing on those locations for years, and they want that time and effort to pay off.
The Best Cheap CS2 Stickers (Under $5)
Customization has always been a huge part of the CS2 experience and nowadays there are more ways to customize your weapons and characters than ever before. This is largely thanks to numerous updates that have been released over the years.
The Best CS2 Music Kits
Let the music surround you! It creates awesome vibes and supports any mood you wish to dive into. Game music is as significant as the playlists you have on your streaming platform. Soundtracks create an atmosphere for brave adventures — and there are no questions about this.
How to Show FPS in CS2: All Possible Methods
The parameter of frames per second refers to… Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, as FPS shows how many frames per second appear on your screen. While playing fast-paced competitive multiplayer games, it’s important to have the biggest number of FPS possible—to a reasonable extent.
The Most Useful CS2 Console Commands
Counter-Strike 2 has taken quite a few steps towards better accessibility in customizing various settings. Many options are available directly in the game menu, which is quite in tune with modern standards. Still, console commands are also here, if you prefer this classic approach, and if you’re looking for the finest adjustments possible.
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