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EA Founder and Game Industry Legend Trip Hawkins Joins DMarket
We are happy and proud to welcome one of the most influential game and tech industry visionaries, Trip Hawkins, as an independent board member to DMarket. Best known as the founder of Electronic Arts, 3DO, and Digital Chocolate, Trip has been leading innovative global companies for over three decades.
DMarket Raises $6.5 Million and Welcomes Trip Hawkins as Board Member
June 18, 2020, Los Angeles, California — DMarket, an in-game item trading platform and a monetization technology for game developers, content creators, brands, and players (https://dmarket.tech/), today announced that the company has successfully closed $6.5 million in venture funding led by Almaz Capital, with support from Xsolla.
Best CS:GO Cases to Open
CS:GO Case is a box of collectible items that can be opened with a key. Cases are one of the most tradable items on CS:GO Market. Each of them has wide items collection inside. To open CS:GO Case you’ll need to buy a key.
The Best Skins of the 2nd Week of June
Summer is expected to be hot and long. So, let’s make some ice-cold drinks and enjoy our lovely Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In our previous article, we introduced the best CS:GO blue skins, and today we want to show the best selling CS:GO skins of the 1st week of June.
CS:GO Spray Patterns and Recoil Compensation
Wonder how to shoot perfectly with an AK-47? Or maybe how the bullets fly from a Negev? DMarket has prepared an article for you on how bullets fly when clamping with weapons and how to compensate recoil properly.
The Best Blue Skins in CS:GO
CS:GO is still here, and the last few months have given us new records of online audience. I hope this tendency will continue in 2020, and we’ll see new players and matches. For both beginners and advanced players, we’ve prepared a new top 15 article with the best blue skins in CS:GO.
The Best Skins of May 2020
Summer is here! Spring may have been hard but today we can feel inspired by the clear air in our parks, and enjoy free time with friends outside of our houses. But don’t forget about the game that has helped you to survive this pandemic is still here - CS:GO.
The 10 Highest-Earning Esports Organizations of 2020 (by Total Winnings)
The world of esports is full of powerful emotions and… big money. Many years have passed since competitive gaming was just a hobby for enthusiasts. Now, it’s a fully-fledged business that has definitely proven to be quite profitable - and for some organizations, esports earnings are very impressive.
The Best Yellow Skins in CS:GO
CS:GO is one of the first video games to include skins and cosmetic items which players can use to customize their appearance. We talked about the best of them, and we talked about the rarest, but we have neglected to talk about the best yellow CS:GO skins, which is why we are doing it today.
TF2 Characters (Classes): Ultimate Guide
So, you’ve decided to jump into this legendary shooter. Beware, because Team Fortress 2 is super fun and can be addictive. You may suddenly find yourself starting multiplayer matches again and again, collecting an amazing variety of skins, and improving each and every small aspect of your skills.
9 Secrets of Successful Twitch Streamers
Playing games on streams and earning enough money to be independent of any other job - it may sound like a dream, but it has already come true for many guys and girls using Twitch.
Skrill USA, and More: New Payment Methods on DMarket
Skrill USA, Paysafe’s NETELLER digital wallet and other major payment methods are now available on DMarket. With a variety of world-class payment options, you can refill your account balance and withdraw your trading profits easily, safe, and fast.
13 Best Skins in CS:GO That You Might Miss
Everyone in CS:GO knows about AWP Azimov, USP-S Kill Confirmed, AK-47 Redline, etc. There are many popular skins in the game that are used by pro players, twitch starts, and youtube influencers. But none of my friends have heard anything about USP-S Serum, M4A4 Modern Hunter, etc.
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