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How to Kick Yourself and Bots in CS:GO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a pretty exciting game and many players have lots of fun in online shooting matches. But then, time after time, all players (or at least many of us) fall into that disastrous situation when everything goes wrong.
The Best Cheapest CS:GO Gloves
Weapon and item customization is a huge part of the CS:GO experience and allows players to express themselves through their character’s look as well as flex awesome cosmetics at their friends and other gamers. However, some of these skins and items can be very expensive and CS:GO gloves are no exception.
The Best Dota 2 Heroes to Win in 2021
Dota 2 is an emotional game with many heroes and unconventional situations, but all the players strive to win despite everything. Heroes that help players to win change through annual updates. In July, Valve released the latest Dota 2 update - 7.
How to Play Engineer in TF2 | TF2 Engineer Tips
TF2 is one of the best multiplayer team video games in the genre of the first-person shooter. The Engineer is the most difficult class in TF2 because it requires special skills. Beginners often ask how to play Engineer TF2 correctly?
The Best TF2 Engineer Weapons
The Engineer is another character that can be found playing in Team Fortress 2 and is a vital team member. The main goal of Engineers is to help the team and improve its performance by creating buildings.
Dmitriy Schedov Joins DMarket as CTO
LOS ANGELES, August 4, 2021 - DMarket, ​​a cross-chain marketplace to trade all possible NFTs and a technology for building metaverses, is happy to welcome on board Dmitriy Schedov, a new Chief Technical Officer (CTO).
The Best Blue CS:GO Skins
CS:GO is still here, and the last few months have given us new records of online audience. I hope this tendency will continue in 2020, and we’ll see new players and matches. For both beginners and advanced players, we’ve prepared a new top 15 article with the best blue skins in CS:GO.
The Best R8 Revolver Skins in CS:GO
It would appear that pistols are all the rage at the moment, and considering that we have already covered numerous skins lists recently for a few different CS:GO pistols, today we continue the trend with our picks for the best 11 R8 Revolver Skins in CS:GO.
The Best 10 Pink Skins in CS:GO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still one of the most popular FPS games in 2020. The pandemic situation has only helped increase the game’s audience to over one million, and it looks as though there’s no way to stop it.
The Best SSG 08 Skins in CS:GO
When playing a video game, every player wants to look and feel unique and stand out from the crowd, different games allow players to do this in different ways. Some games achieve it through unique character traits, others through character costumes, and CS:GO does it through the use of unique weapon skin designs.
The Best Green Skins in CS:GO
CS:GO is one of Valve’s significant projects. They spent a lot of time in 2019-2020 to add new updates and features. But the real art is created by ordinary users in the workshop. Yep, we are once again going to talk about cool csgo skins.
The Best Huntsman Knife Skins in CS:GO
Knives have always been considered a status symbol in CS:GO, and in the past, we have covered many different skins for various types of CS:GO knives. Today, we are looking to rectify that mistake by taking a look at the best 5 Huntsman Knife skins in CS:GO.
The Best Flip Knife Skins in CS:GO
Adding knives and weapon skins to CS:GO is a great marketing decision from the developers, giving the game a significant boost in popularity. Yes, these are ordinary models that do not affect the game in any way, but Counter-Strike has become much more advanced in terms of aesthetics.
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