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Sticker | Crown (Foil)

Sticker | Crown (Foil)

The Crown Foil Sticker is an Exotic sticker in CS:GO that was added to the game way back in February 2014, and is extremely rare. Now you might be wondering how much a CS:GO Crown Foil Sticker sells for, and the answer is, around $400 and upwards depending on the market.

Another common question is what weapons is the Crown Foil CS:GO Sticker usually attached to? However, there is no real answer to this. The sticker can be attached to any weapon in CS:GO , as long as that weapon allows the player to do so.

What sticker case can you get the Crown Foil Sticker in on CS:GO? There are currently five different weapon cases that can potentially contain the Crown Foil Sticker, them being Operation Broken Fang Case, Fracture Case, Prisma 2 Case, Shattered Web Case and CS20 Case.

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