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Bounty Hunter Items

Bounty Hunter Items

Bounty Hunter Stats

  • Movement speed: 315
  • Attack speed: 100
  • Turn rate: 0.6
  • Vision range: 1800/1000
  • Attack range: 150
  • Projectile speed: Instant
  • Attack animation: 0.59+0.59
  • Base attack time: 1.7
  • Collision size: 24
  • Legs:
  • Gib type: Default

This guy has mastered the art of hunt, and in Dota 2 matches, opponents risk to become his prey. Bounty Hunter can track heroes from the other team, getting some useful information about them. His hunting skills allow becoming invisible (not whole game as Riki) for a while, walking through in-game characters, and then attacking them with increased power. Even his usual hits with the melee weapon are stronger thanks to pre-learned critical strikes. Also, Bounty Hunter uses his special shuriken to hit an enemy with a considerable might. Not so many cosmetic items suit the hunters’ style. But the developers of Dota 2 have picked up the best possible Bounty Hunter skins to match his unique personality. Check them in this section of DMarket and buy Dota 2 items of your choice!

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