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Death Prophet Items

Death Prophet Items

Death Prophet Stats

  • Movement speed: 310
  • Attack speed: 100
  • Turn rate: 0.5
  • Vision range: 1800/800
  • Attack range: 600
  • Projectile speed: 1000
  • Attack animation: 0.56+0.51
  • Base attack time: 1.7
  • Collision size: 24
  • Legs:
  • Gib type: Ethereal

She looked into others’ future for a long time. Then, Death Prophet became interested in her own fate, and she couldn’t see anything beyond the measure of life, like Necrophos. Death Prophet returns to this world again and again, but this experience changes her immensely, making more mystical, more spirit-like. In the game, this character can summon unique supporters: beast, like Beastmaster, and spirits for dealing damage and even for healing Death Prophet. Use the powerful skill to block magic of opponents.

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