Autographed Shards of Exile

Type:  Steam Item

Category:  Dota 2 Items & Skins

wearable weapon outworld devourer immortal

Last update:2018-10-13 17:26:10


The self-assembling crystals of the Outworld make a very good staff . . . and an even better prison. Embodiments of the Void, the Shards offer a crash course in its essentials to Harbinger's opponents.

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Autographed Shards of Exile
Autographed Shards of Exile9a92:5bc22ab178239e6ddf3ade69

Added:  2018-10-13 17:26:10

  • Intelligence Stolen: 9892

    Intelligence Stolen: 9892Inscribed Gem

  • Level 1 Autograph by 'Ams'

    Level 1 Autograph by 'Ams'Autograph Rune TI - 2015

Suggested Price:  N/A