FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred)

Type:  Steam Item

Category:  CS:GO Skins

battle-scarred rifle famas

Last update:2018-11-27 16:51:03


A cheap option for cash-strapped players, the FAMAS effectively fills the niche between more expensive rifles and the less-effective SMGs. A hand painted mechanized owl sits atop a nest of orange and brown feathers. +1 to Wisdom

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WithdrawableThis item can be withdrawn instantly to Steam
FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred)
FAMAS | Eye of Athena (Battle-Scarred)a8db:5bfd75f11365f4accf2d2833

Added:  2018-11-27 16:51:03

Overall Float: 0.6434067487716675

Suggested Price:  $2.25