Inscribed Iceflight Edifice

Type:  Steam Item

Category:  Dota 2 Items & Skins

immortal wearable head winter wyvern

Last update:2019-01-09 07:31:14


Encased in the healing cocoon of the Wyvern's magic, the mind's eye fills with poetic imagery of Auroth's favorite verse -- Twilight in the Keep of Khorvin Wenn.

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Inscribed Iceflight Edifice
Inscribed Iceflight Edifice9a92:5be3fe811365f4accf7d4e44

Added:  2018-11-08 09:14:42

  • Buildings Destroyed: 1

    Buildings Destroyed: 1Inscribed Gem

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Inscribed Iceflight Edifice
Inscribed Iceflight Edifice9a92:5be1402d1365f4accf22ca36

Added:  2018-11-06 07:18:06

  • Kills: 184

    Kills: 184Inscribed Gem

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