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What is DMarket?

The DMarket platform enables secure buying, selling and trading of in-game items, so developers can attract and retain more players and make more money, and gamers can earn by exchanging items across titles and platforms.

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Making more people free to play

DMarket unlocks the multi-billion-dollar skins economy for game developers and players everywhere. Our team of passionate gamers believes a borderless gaming world is a better gaming world, and we’re building the infrastructure to make it easy for everyone to thrive in the open system of the future.

  • Game developers

    Game developers

    Game developers can boost player engagement, lifetime value and revenue

  • Players


    Players can earn from gameplay by safely trading items across titles and platforms

  • The gaming community

    The gaming community

    The gaming community fosters and enjoys broader creative participation worldwide

DMarket is for GAME developers

DMarket is for game developers

The majority of developers can’t access the multi-billion-dollar skins-based market – by far the gaming industry’s most lucrative model – because they lack the tools to create an in-game item economy. So we’ve created an easily integrated, all-in-one platform to help developers build, manage and grow their own.

  • Build economy

    Through platform integration or a white-label marketplace, easily create your own in-game economy

  • Boost retention

    Pre-orders and cross-game exchange attract, engage and retain more players

  • Increase revenue

    Create new monetization pathways and increase your earnings at every phase

  • Optimize results

    Our in-depth analytics allow you to monitor your marketplace and continually optimize results

DMarket is for GAME developers

DMarket is for Players

Only a small percentage of gamers worldwide can securely purchase and truly own virtual items from game to game and from mobile to PC. DMarket’s distributed ledger technology powers the buying, selling, and trading of in-game items across games and across the globe, giving players the opportunity to make money from gaming.

  • Bid Face2Face

    Buy items in our vast player-to-player marketplace, even bidding for items pre-sale

  • Trade instantly

    Sell items for the top price offered by other users instantly and easily

  • Get top prices

    Immediately sell assets for a proposed price on your own terms

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  • Vlad Panchenko

    Vlad Panchenko

    Founder & CEO

    Involved in virtual item trading since 2008, in 2016 Vlad founded Skins.Cash, a global instant in-game skins market boasting 2M+ visitors a month. In 2015, Vlad founded Suntechsoft Corp Limited, the #1 private merchant of digital goods.

  • Tamara Slanova

    Tamara Slanova

    Co-Founder, CFO, Head of London Office

    Tamara has more than 15 years experience in industries including gaming (Global Games, Suntechsoft, Skins.Cash) and international banking.

  • Alexandr “Zerogravity” Kokhanovskyy

    Alexandr “Zerogravity” Kokhanovskyy

    Co-Founder and Advisor

    CEO & Co-Founder of DreamTeam – the first eSports recruitment and management network-Alexandr built one of eSports most successful teams, Natus Vincere (Na`Vi).


Thank you to our partners and media in the gaming community and beyond. With your support and collaboration, the world of gaming will be more accessible, fun and profitable for everyone.

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DMarket works with game developers in every phase of growth, across genres and platforms, worldwide.

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