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Col. Mangos Dabisi | Guerrilla Warfare

Col. Mangos Dabisi | Guerrilla Warfare

Early in his life Col. Mangos Dabisi was trained and promoted within Ugandan military. He ended his military career with a rare Dishonorable Discharge for intimidating his subordinates into paying him 'sleep well money'—promising a good night's sleep to those who paid him. Turns out, a good night's sleep was merely a lack of intentional injuries inflicted by Dabisi himself. Dabisi's imposing stature and military skill made him an attractive acquisition for the Guerrilla Warfare (GW). Constantly over-using force and needing to be reined in, Dabisi's reputation as a GW powerhouse is well deserved. I chop your doller or your neck. You choose. Operation Riptide Agents

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