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Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Minimal Wear)

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Minimal Wear)

Desert Eagle Conspiracy Minimal Wear is a CS:GO weapon skin featured within the Operation Breakout Collection. Originally added to the game back in July 2014 during the Operation Breakout Update, the Desert Eagle Conspiracy features a black metallic finish with yellow accents. The skin itself can be obtained by opening the Operation Breakout Weapon Case which requires Operation Breakout Case Key.

Aside from the Desert Eagle Conspiracy MW, this skin can also come in two additional exteriors, namely Factory New and Field-Tested, and all three variants have the option to have StatTrak attached to them.

In terms of value, the lowest quality exterior skin can usually be purchased for a little more than three dollars, with the skins of the better exterior scaling upwards to $75, depending on the accessories attached.