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Vertigo 2021 Collection

Vertigo 2021 Collection

Like its name suggests, created in 2021, the Vertigo 2021 Collection is one of the most unique CS:GO skin collections you can ever come in contact with. The theme and designs of the skins of Vertigo 2021 are what every modern-day CS:GO gamer have been dreaming of. We are talking about the perfect balance of some of the trendiest colorful theme designs and the traditional dark-themed patterns. Still, in the Vertigo 2021 Collection, some unique designs can't be placed in either of these categories. This provides players with a whole new dimension of opportunities they can use to exploit and stand out on the battlefield with fresh and eye-catching gear. That being said, the most eye-catching skins in the collection are the ones where color is used most heavily. These weapon designs are incredible, but players have to consider their significant price before obtaining them.

The best CS:GO Vertigo 2021 Collection skins:

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