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Dark Seer Items

Dark Seer Items

Dark Seer Stats

  • Movement speed: 295
  • Attack speed: 100
  • Turn rate: 0.6
  • Vision range: 1800/800
  • Attack range: 150
  • Projectile speed: Instant
  • Attack animation: 0.59+0.58
  • Base attack time: 1.7
  • Collision size: 24
  • Legs:
  • Gib type: Default

The sharp mind is his greatest weapon, and the powerful dark magic complements the arsenal of this Dota 2 hero. Sometime in the past, Dark Seer was a general. In a desperate battle, he managed to save his people with a super powerful spell. As a side effect, the guy was pushed out of his dimension into some new realms.

May the mystical energies serve your team. Create a vacuum to drag in and damage an opponent, such as Alchemist or Oracle. Use the destroying shield to attack a few units at once. Speed up allies or Dark Seer himself. Make magical copies of enemies to increase the power of your army.

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