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Paracord Knife Skins

Paracord Knife Skins

Paracord Knife Stats

  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist / Terrorist  
  • Entity: weapon_knife_cord

Paracord Knife is a mix of styles. By all the features, it is very similar to Survival Knife - both are helpful for surviving in the wild. By the straight lines of the blade, Paracord reminds Ursus Knife. One of the game animations for this type of CS:GO knives is very interesting - the characters can throw the weapon from one hand to another. This happens very fast, so you will immediately be ready to continue the battle. Come close to opponents and use stabbing or cutting. Knives cause substantial damage in the game, but only very good players can use them effectively. Don’t forget to have with you a nice pistol and riffle. Or maybe you prefer having a sniper rifle as your primary weapon? When your playing skills become impressively better, it’s worth emphasizing them with great CS:GO skins in your inventory. Theoretically, it’s possible to obtain Paracord Knife from the Shattered Web Cases, but practically such a miracle is almost impossible, and you will need to spend a lot of money on the keys. Clever players prefer a better way - they buy CS:GO skins on DMarket, so they can get exactly what they want to.

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