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Dust 2 2021 Collection

Dust 2 2021 Collection

The Dust 2 2021 Collection is among the most exciting selection of weapon skins you can come across nowadays. However, we can't say that they are too similar. It makes a fantastic first impression that every weapon in the Dust 2 2021 Collection has the DNA of the iconic CS map. Each weapon can be seen to follow the color scheme of the map but in so many different variations and designs with each weapon, which is incredible. Still, most guns in the collection don't make a too significant impact, excluding the top 3 of this collection. These three guns are so simple yet incredible. However, showing off any of these guns comes with a hefty price, especially when considering that the AK-47 | Gold Arabesque can even reach a price of more than $3,500.

The best CS:GO Dust 2 2021 Collection skins:

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