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The Best Blue Skins in CS:GO
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The Best Blue Skins in CS:GO

CS:GO is still here, and the last few months have given us new records of online audience. I hope this tendency will continue in 2020, and we’ll see new players and matches. For both beginners and advanced players, we’ve prepared a new top 15 article with the best blue skins in CS:GO. Take a few minutes to complete your inventory with some of these beautiful weapons.

In CS:GO, there are two different ways to buy/sell/exchange your skins:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Where gamers can withdraw their money and trade without fees.

1. Galil AR | Stone Cold

Galil AR | Stone Cold
  • Flavor Text: Eventually you need to step outside of your mentor’s shadow

  • Added: 17 September 2017

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.86

  • Cases: Shadow Case

2. Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

3. UMP-45 | Exposure

UMP-45 | Exposure
  • Flavor Text: “Please remove all metal objects from your pockets”

  • Added: 14 September 2017

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.25

  • Cases: Spectrum 2 Case

A correct crosshair is a foremost thing in CS:GO that allows players to win the duel against their enemies. Developers enable players to customize their sight via settings, console, and crosshair changer maps. You can change the color, size, ratio, zoom auto control, and many different points that will help you in each duel. In our article CS:GO crosshair guide, you’ll find all the information on how, where, and why.

4. Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz

Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz
  • Flavor Text: Everyone wants to make an impact

  • Added: 27 November 2013

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.15

5. AWP | Atheris

AWP | Atheris
  • Flavor Text: As deadly as it is beautiful

  • Added: 14 March 2019

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $1.72

  • Cases: Prisma Case

6. Bayonet | Bright Water

Bayonet | Bright Water
  • Flavor Text: As deadly as it is beautiful

  • Added: 14 March 2019

  • Rifle: Covert

  • Starting Price: $135.38

  • Cases: Gamma Case, Gamma 2 Case

CS:GO is a first-person shooter where two teams fight against each other. To become a winner, teams need to reach higher communicating skills than their opponents. Knowing the map where you play will help you communicate with your teammates, give precise information, and help to react quickly to the enemy’s movements. For those who want to know all the points of CS:GO maps, we’ve prepared a big guide CS:GO map callouts where you can find out all the information here.

7. P2000 | Fire Elemental

P2000 | Fire Elemental
  • Flavor Text: Sometimes playing with fire is a good thing

  • Added: 11 November 2014

  • Rifle: Covert

  • Starting Price: $5.46

  • Cases: Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

8. M4A1-S | Nightmare

M4A1-S | Nightmare
  • Flavor Text: Next time set an alarm

  • Added: 3 August 2018

  • Rifle: Classified

  • Starting Price: $3.29

  • Cases: Horizon Case

9. Galil AR | Rocket Pop

Galil AR | Rocket Pop
  • Flavor Text: The perfect thing for a hot summer’s day

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Rifle: Mil-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.16

  • Cases: Falchion Case

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular FPS multiplayer games for the last eight years. Millions of players around the world launch and play CS:GO every day. Two essential things help to achieve and maintain such popularity. The first one is an open market and a skins system that allows players and services to develop the best trading opportunities. The second one is that this esport combines the best CS:GO players, provides huge tournaments, and gives us memorable moments. Esport in 2020 transformed from offline to significant online events, and organizers continue to support it. Visit our article and follow the most expected CS:GO tournaments in 2020 to be on the right track.

10. M4A4 | Desolate Space

M4A4 | Desolate Space
  • Flavor Text: “We’ve lost contact”

  • Added: 16 June 2016

  • Rifle: Classified

  • Starting Price: $7.23

  • Cases: Gamma Case

11. AK-47 | Blue Laminate

AK-47 | Blue Laminate

12. Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel
  • Flavor Text: This is the malbec of weapon design - Booth, Arms Dealer

  • Added: 1 July 2014

  • Rifle: Covert

  • Starting Price: $310.00

  • Cases: Operation Breakout Weapon Case

In CS:GO, you can customize your game with many different settings. For players who want a deeper customization with hundreds of points, Valve provides a developer console. You can change everything you want via console including: mouse options, various macros, settings of the bullet, and grenades trajectory. We’ve prepared a full CS:GO console command guide where you can find all the commands to help you to customize your settings.

13. AWP | Neo-Noir

AWP | Neo-Noir
  • Flavor Text: “They took comfort in each other’s despair”

  • Added: 6 December 2018

  • Rifle: Covert

  • Starting Price: $21.93

  • Cases: Danger Zone Case

14. M4A1-S | Icarus Fell

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell
  • Flavor Text: Turner’s betrayal is my failure… I have to make this right - Sebastien Hennequet, Sniper

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $86.94

15. MP9 | Stained Glass

MP9 | Stained Glass
  • Flavor Text: You break it, you buy it

  • Added: 19 November 2019

  • Rifle: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $18.16

To become one of the best in CS:GO, you need to commit thousands of hours. These should be used to improve your map’s knowledge, communication skills, AIM, etc. If you want to complete all of these, you need to know where to start and how to get quick success in CS:GO. We’ve gathered this information together in one guide 33 simple but powerful CS:GO tips that will help you to upgrade your skill and rank.

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