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The Best M4A1-S Skins in CS2 (Top Skins Among Players)

The M4A1-S has a fascinating background regarding its use in CS2. There have been times when this rifle was either extremely popular or considered useless. But since the beginning of time, players have argued over which rifle is better, the M4A1-S or M4A4. But for now, we are proud to introduce to you the best M4A1-S skins in CS2.

You can buy CS2 skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

M4A1-S | Leaded Glass

M4A1-S Leaded Glass

M4A1-S | Leaded Glass is a visually striking skin and features a stained glass window design. Its vibrant, mosaic-like pattern stands out in-game, making it a popular choice for players who prefer a bold aesthetic.

Buy M4A1-S | Leaded Glass

M4A1-S | Hot Rod

M4A1-S Hot Rod
  • Flavor Text: Automatic. Systematic. Hydromatic.

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $645.43

  • Collection: The Chop Shop Collection

The Hot Rod is a classic, featuring a sleek, glossy red finish reminiscent of luxury sports cars. Known for its minimalist yet elegant design, this skin has been a favorite since its introduction in the Chop Shop Collection. It’s often prized for its simplicity and striking color.

Buy M4A1-S | Hot Rod

M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor

M4A1-S Blue Phosphor
  • Flavor Text: Feeling blue?

  • Added: 3 December 2020

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $589.00

  • Collection: The Control Collection

Blue Phosphor boasts a futuristic design with a glowing blue pattern over a dark background. This skin has a certain appeal among players who prefer a more sci-fi or cyber-themed look. It’s part of the Shattered Web Collection, adding to its exclusive feel.

Buy M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor

M4A1-S | Hyper Beast

M4A1-S Hyper Beast
  • Flavor Text: You really want to impress me Booth? Make this black light sensitive - Rona Sabri, Rising Star

  • Added: 15 April 2015

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $11.44

  • Case: Chroma 2 Case

  • Collection: The Chroma 2 Collection

M4A1-S | Hyper Beast is a part of the Chroma 2 Collection, the Hyper Beast is renowned for its wild, creature-like abstract design. Created by artist Brock Hofer, this skin is a part of the highly popular Hyper Beast series and is often seen in both casual and professional play for its distinct and aggressive artwork.

Buy M4A1-S | Hyper Beast

M4A1-S | Player Two

M4A1-S Player Two

M4A1-S | Player Two is a favorite among players who appreciate bold and unconventional designs. Its manga theme resonates particularly with fans of both gaming and Japanese comic art. It is not just a skin; it’s a fusion of art, pop culture, and gaming, offering players an opportunity to showcase their style and preferences on the virtual battleground of Counter-Strike.

Buy M4A1-S | Player Two

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M4A1-S | Printstream

M4A1-S Printstream

  • Added: 3 December 2020

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $87.00

  • Case: Operation Broken Fang Case

M4A1-S | Printstream was introduced as a part of Operation Broken Fang Collection, is celebrated for its elegant and modern design. It features a white and metallic silver base with detailed, digital wave patterns. Its minimalist yet sophisticated look has made it a hit among players who favor a more refined aesthetic.

Buy M4A1-S | Printstream

M4A1-S | Golden Coil

M4A1-S Golden Coil
  • Flavor Text: The viper can strike from anywhere

  • Added: 17 September 2015

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $22.15

  • Case: Shadow Case

  • Collection: The Shadow Collection

M4A1-S | Golden Coil features a sleek, golden serpent design over a black background. It’s a symbol of luxury and danger, making it a coveted skin for players who enjoy a mix of elegance and edginess.

Buy M4A1-S | Golden Coil

M4A1-S | Imminent Danger

M4A1-S Imminent Danger
  • Flavor Text: Don’t say I didn’t warn you… - Booth, Arms Dealer

  • Added: 22 September 2021

  • Quality: Covert

  • Starting Price: $588.83

  • Collection: The 2021 Vertigo Collection

Buy M4A1-S | Imminent Danger

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M4A1-S | Control Panel

M4A1-S Control Panel
  • Flavor Text: “Is this line secure?”

  • Added: 1 September 2018

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $8.47

  • Collection: The 2018 Nuke Collection

M4A1-S | Control Panel is a unique and intricately designed skin that became a part of players’ collections as a feature of The 2018 Nuke Collection, accompanying the “FACEIT 2018 - Ways to Watch” update.

Buy M4A1-S | Control Panel

M4A1-S | Master Piece

M4A1-S Master Piece

M4A1-S | Master Piece is notable for its abstract pattern, primarily utilizing various shades of blue, which gives the rifle a striking and somewhat enigmatic appearance. The artistic style of the graffiti gives the skin a street-art vibe, appealing to players who appreciate urban art and culture. It’s a blend of contemporary artistry with the tactical nature of the M4A1-S.

Buy M4A1-S | Master Piece

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell

M4A1-S Icarus Fell
  • Flavor Text: Turner’s betrayal is my failure…I have to make this right - Sebastien Hennequet, Sniper

  • Added: 26 May 2015

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $529.90

  • Collection: The Gods and Monsters Collection

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell skin features a beautiful, celestial theme. It’s inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, with a color scheme that transitions from day to night. This skin is favored for its artistic and mythological significance.

Buy M4A1-S | Icarus Fell

M4A1-S | Decimator

M4A1-S Decimator

M4A1-S | Decimator, from Spectrum Collection, sports a futuristic, geometric pattern with a blend of pink, blue, and purple hues. It appeals to players who enjoy a skin that’s both vibrant and has a feel of sci-fi to it.

Buy M4A1-S | Decimator

This was our list with the best skins for M4A1-S. There are skins for every taste and for any amount of money, the choice is yours!

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