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The Best Combinations of CS:GO Knife Skins and Gloves in 2024

CS:GO has a plethora of customizable cosmetic items for players to express themselves and make their characters more unique. Each of these items is important in its own way, but some players could argue that weapon and gloves are the most important elements to customize.

Here at DMarket, we believe that these players are onto something, which is why we have created a list of perfect matches of CS:GO knife skins and gloves that players can acquire in 2024. Let’s take a look.

1. Falchion Knife | Doppler (Phase 2) + Specialist Gloves | Fade

Deep purple is the name of the game here, and no, we are not talking about the band. Both Falchion Knife | Doppler (Phase 2) and Specialist Gloves | Fade are dominantly purple with shiny accents on them to make the whole combination pop. This combination is not the cheapest on the list, and both the knife and the gloves separately fall somewhere in the middle of the road in terms of value. If purple is your thing, then this is the combination for you.

  • Knife Starting Price: $400.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $143.75

2. Karambit | Gamma Doppler (Emerald) + Broken Fang Gloves | Jade

If purple is not your color and you prefer green, then Karambit | Gamma Doppler (Emerald) with Broken Fang Gloves | Jade should be more up your alley. While Jade is one of the cheaper skins on the list, the knife skin is one of the most expensive. This pair will definitely cause some green-eyed envyt.

  • Knife Starting Price: $8,500.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $81.56

3. Karambit | Fade + Sport Gloves | Vice

Karambit | Fade combined with Sport Gloves | Vice is an excellent way to show off your love of pink, blue and purple. The colors and accents of these two skins perfectly complement each other and give off a somewhat cyberpunk vibe, making it a perfect skin combination for every fan of the genre.

  • Knife Starting Price: $1,701.82
  • Gloves Starting Price: $791.83

4. Stiletto Knife | Case Hardened + Broken Fang Gloves | Yellow-banded

Next up we have Stiletto Knife | Case Hardened paired with Broken Fang Gloves | Yellow-banded. This particular combination is fairly common among players, most likely for two reasons. The golden-detailed black gloves combined with the yellowish hue of the knife perfectly emphasize each other’s features which make them extremely popular when paired with the relatively low price of both skins.

  • Knife Starting Price: $249.99
  • Gloves Starting Price: $62.89

5. Huntsman Knife | Black Laminate + Driver Gloves | King Snake

As its name implies, the Huntsman Knife | Black Laminate skin is completely black contrary to the Driver Gloves | King Snake skin which is completely white and only features small dark accents. One typically wouldn’t think that these two would make a good pair, but they do. The contrast perfectly brings out each other’s beauty and their relatively low price only further popularizes the combination.

  • Knife Starting Price: $165.57
  • Gloves Starting Price: $244.14

6. Karambit | Doppler (Sapphire) + Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box

Karambit | Doppler (Sapphire) and Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box is another pair of skins that feature a bright blue and purple design made even prettier by black and white details and accents. While they admittedly look great, the skins are very rare and a lot more expensive compared to the other pairs on this list.

  • Knife Starting Price: $9,180.83
  • Gloves Starting Price: $1,311.50

7. Butterfly Knife | Doppler (Ruby) + Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure

Bright colors usually signify danger and nothing screams danger like the combination of Butterfly Knife | Doppler (Ruby) with Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure. Both these skins are colored bright red — the perfect way to show your enemies that you mean business and that they should stay as far away from you as possible.

  • Knife Starting Price: $9,194.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $92.00

8. M9 Bayonet | Forest DDPAT + Bloodhound Gloves | Guerrilla

Staying hidden in plain sight can often increase your chances of survival and if you are looking for good camouflage, it doesn’t get much better than the M9 Bayonet | Forest DDPAT and Bloodhound Gloves | Guerrilla skins. Both of them feature a standard camouflage color scheme. They look great and are relatively cheap which makes them a perfect choice for every soldier.

  • Knife Starting Price: $398.60
  • Gloves Starting Price: $62.09

9. Flip Knife | Bright Water + Sport Gloves | Amphibious

Flip Knife | Bright Water and Sport Gloves | Amphibious are meant to be used together, not only due to their color scheme and accents but because they both share a water theme as well. A perfect skin combo if you are a fan of the ocean or are looking for something blue to bring to your friend’s wedding.

  • Knife Starting Price: $204.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $531.26

10. Flip Knife | Autotronic + Moto Gloves | POW!

These two skins perfectly correspond with one another. Both Flip Knife | Autotronic and Moto Gloves | POW! feature a simplistic gray design that is completely contrasted with blood-red accents. A skin combination perfectly suited for striking fear into your enemies made even better by its low price tag.

  • Knife Starting Price: $247.55
  • Gloves Starting Price: $129.74

11. Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) + Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web

Similarly to the following entry on our list, these two skins are just a perfect pair. The black base color, the neon green accents, and the blue tip of the knife contrast everything just enough to add a dash of intrigue to the combination. Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) and Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web are simply made for each other.

  • Knife Starting Price: $2,000.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $300.50

12. Karambit | Tiger Tooth + Sport Gloves | Big Game

If there was ever a perfect couple when it comes to CS:GO skins, the Karambit | Tiger Tooth and Sport Gloves | Big Game skins would be it. Both skins feature a similar design, the same color pattern, and they look great together. Truly a match made in heaven.

  • Knife Starting Price: $1,299.00
  • Gloves Starting Price: $205.00

13. Gut Knife | Lore + Moto Gloves | Transport

Gut Knife | Lore and Moto Gloves | Transport is another popular choice, purely due to their lower price tag and perfect synchronization when it comes to color and design. The golden-yellow gloves perfectly fit the golden knife that features a beautifully engraved edge. A perfect combination of skins that will make you look rich without breaking the bank.

  • Knife Starting Price: $140.13
  • Gloves Starting Price: $62.09

14. M9 Bayonet | Black Laminate + Bloodhound Gloves | Snakebite

The sleek black design of M9 Bayonet | Black Laminate complements the intricate snake-like pattern of Bloodhound Gloves | Snakebite, creating a cohesive and awesome aesthetic. This combination is sure to turn heads and instill fear in your opponents as you dominate the battlefield.

  • Knife Starting Price: $753.35
  • Gloves Starting Price: $68.35

15. Skeleton Knife | Stained + Moto Gloves | Smoke Out

Skeleton Knife | Stained combined with Moto Gloves | Smoke Out is the way to go if you wish to show off your love for the color gray. Each of these two skins is quite simple in terms of design and color, and there is definitely beauty in their simplicity when they are combined — just enough to make them appear on this list.

  • Knife Starting Price: $349.59
  • Gloves Starting Price: $74.30

With this last entry, we have concluded our list of perfect combinations of CS:GO knife skins and gloves that you can obtain. So if you are somebody who likes things that come in pairs and want to look great at the same time, why not head over to DMarket and get your hands on one of the beautiful sets from this list?

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