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55 Advanced Fortnite Tips and Tricks

No doubt, the battle royal genre has brought a new level of epicness to the gaming community. Fortnite has already become the most popular game in the world – it banked a massive $223 million in March alone, which is 73% more than the game generated in February. The popularity of the game is snowballing, with more and more players engaging in this fun and casual activity.

However, not all players are casual – some pros have already emerged in the community, showing insane skills during gameplay streams. If you want to reach the same level of competence, try these Fortnite Battle Royale tips disclosed by professional players.

Building and Positioning

1. Build cover the second you are shot. Don’t check the situation immediately! Many players die because they start looking around in hope of spotting and killing an enemy. At first cover yourself, and then observe the situation.

2. Always move. It’s not an advanced tip – everybody knows that hitting a moving target is harder than a still one, however, to be a pro at Fortnite you have to make running and jumping a habit.

  1. Don’t push the enemy if you have a positional advantage – they will either run away or come to you.

02p 4. Learn to build fast. Headglitching (hiding behind a cover so that only the top of your head is visible, but you can still shoot at enemies) on a ramp gives you all the chances to score a kill.

5. Always try to stay above the ground. The high ground is the strongest position in the game – you are harder to spot and hit, it allows easy kills and gives you the best visibility of your surroundings. Try to cement your position on a roof in a city, or build a cover on the highest building in the safe zone if you can.

6. Landing in the perfect town. Towns are the most alluring and yet the most dangerous places in Fortnite. You burst into a building, hoping for a fruitful loot, and get killed by a quiet inhabitant. To avoid such nuisances, go to Anarchy Acres – the most open territory with lots of loot and few hiding enclosures.

03p 7. Learn how to build a zig-zag base. This construction can protect you from as much damage as the enemy can dish out. It is also great for catching grenades and protecting you from other explosives. First put up a wall, then add a ramp behind it and repeat as many times as you need so your base will look like this: |||.  When you learn to do it fast enough, you will ensure a safe cover – the enemy won’t be able to break through it to deal any significant damage, and will waste tons of ammo in the process.

8. Climb the secret tree in Retail Row. We all know that you have to build something first around a tree to get higher, at the Retail Row location you can find a unique tree you can jump atop of without constructing a ramp. It acts as a nearly 100% secure cover, and it will grant you a couple of easy and fun kills. Your enemies won’t even know where the shots came from!

9. Put windows to good use. Act like a character in a spy movie – use windows to spot and kill enemies, and avoid them if you are inside the building healing or browsing your inventory.

10. See through walls. Very few players use this technique while building covers. In the process of construction select the “Building Edit” option and render the displayed tiles transparent. This allows you to observe territory more safely compared to headglitching, and prevent an attacker from reaching your base.

11. Master roof base building. While a lot of players get fairly good at constructing, they often resort to simplistic constructions. Practice building the roof base, as it’s great in covering you from all directions and soaks the damage from grenades well. At first, build a standard square base, add floors around the top and after that add roofs to all the floors. Remember that you can make tiles transparent for an ultimate hideout.

12. Place a pyramid on top of the roof to provide fortification. Extra protection is never superfluous during a Fortnite game. When you are looting, or your enemies force you to take cover in a building, place a roof and a pyramid on top of it. This will give you an insane amount of protection and you can win a couple of minutes which can determine your overall game performance.

13. Use wooden ramps inside your base. To save strong and important buildables, such as metal and brick, use them for the outer walls of your base, but don’t waste these precious materials on the inside ramps.

01p 14. Use natural cover at the very beginning. Harvesting materials effectively can be daunting at the start when there are still a lot of enemies running around, so focus on fighting them and use natural covers. Use doors, walls, furniture, rocks and anything else that suits to cover you. Once you find the perfect hideout, peek out from behind it, shoot and then go back.

15. Build a ramp before shooting even if you already have a more advantageous position.  You will be able to fire at them from behind a safe cover and it protects you from taking minor yet unnecessary damage.

Weapons and Fighting

16. Be creative when using RPGs. It’s such a versatile weapon, yet a lot of players still use it only for destroying bases. You can use it in mid-range combat for an easy one-shot. In squads and duos, you can demolish the enemy’s base in seconds when used right, and wipe out panicked opponents.

p 17. Learn the quick switch. A quick switch allows you to deal a lot of damage over the shortest period of time. At first, you shoot with a damage weapon, such as a sniper, and then instantly switch to an AR to finish off the enemy.

18. Use SMGs creatively. SMG is great for many reasons. First of all, the ammo is plentiful and the gun deals tons of damage. Secondly, there are a lot of inventive ways to use it – destroy enemy bases and induce panic due to fire speed, mark or shoot down supply boxes. Lastly, it’s better at taking down your enemies than most players think.

19. Mastering the double pump. An incredibly talented Fortnite player Quan created this technique – constantly switch between two double pumps as you attack. This eliminates the cooldown waiting time, giving you the perfect 10 rounds of double pumps, which shoots as fast as a tactical, but deals lot more damage.

20. Free kills at the very beginning. This is more for fun than a really helpful tactic, but if you decide to ride the Battle Bus to the end, you will fall with all of the AFK people and score a few easy kills.

21. Play with your favorite guns. This is rather philosophical advice, but still don’t look at the weapon rarity or blogger opinions when choosing a gun. Use whatever is best for you for both fun and victory.

p 22. Always carry explosives. A lot of casual gamers pass on explosives, and that is fine if you want to stay casual. However, if you are determined to become a pro Fortnite player, make sure you stack grenades, as they are key to rocking in the late game stages.

23. Camp supply drops. This trick was probably invented by some evil mastermind playing Fortnite. After tagging and tracking the supply drop using the tips above, build a base with a door and a spike trap. Voila! A perfect machine for easy kills is ready.

24. Keep your inventory layout the same every single game. Keeping your stuff in the same order every game allows for swift cycling and switching in a life-or-death situation. As you play dozens of games with the same basis, your muscle memory will allow you to switch quickly without even thinking. Take it from us, this technique will save you at least couple of times in the game.

25. Use spike traps. Put spike traps on walls right behind the door and on the ceiling. This trap is the only silent one available in the game to ambush your enemies like a deadly ninja.

26. Use creative ways to trap your enemies. We can’t stress enough how amazing spike traps are, and here’s another clever idea for its usage. Build a door on the first floor of your base, and put a spike trap immediately after it. Firstly, it’s a great security measure. Secondly, you won’t believe how many players will enter that door out of sheer curiosity.

27. Take down your friend if they are under 30 health. If you don’t have an abundance of meds, and your teammate’s HP is really low, simply down and revive them to quickly restore to 30 HP. This will also save you a few meds, which may become crucial later in the game.

06p 28. Work on your awareness. This is one of those tips that easily applies to real life. You will have a huge advantage in the game if you are constantly observing your surroundings. This means turning the volume up so you can hear even the slightest noise, and always jumping and turning around to see if enemies are coming for you.

29. Keep calm. Seriously, the worst thing you can do in a battle royal game is panic. There’s no complicated reason behind it – when you panic, your aim becomes shaky, and you become incapable of making smart decisions. If you are in a dangerous situation, build a quick shelter first and decide what you want to do later.

Looting Secrets

30. Steal weapons from other players’ chests. If you see someone breaking through the roof, don’t try to beat them up. Instead, wait behind them, and quickly spam your pick up button as soon as they start opening it, and you are the one who will get the gun.

p 31. Use an SMG to shoot supply drops. Light ammo is one of the most common ammo types in the game, so you won’t run short of it even if you will be shooting for five minutes in a row. It takes only three clips of bullets for any SMG to gun down a drop with supplies. Moreover, it doesn’t waste any of your valuable resources. And if you have a silencer for your gun, you are the king of the map.

32. Choose small shield potions over bandages. A mini-shield potion gives you 25 Shields over two seconds, with a total possible of 250 points. A bandage only grants you 15 health points, and it takes five seconds to use. A pack of mini-shields and a medical kit will allow you to heal quickly after receiving one or two accidental hits, as well as restore full HP after a full heal after a heads-on attack.

33. Mark supply drops. Here’s a neat hack on how to keep track of a supply drop even if it lands behind a heel or a building – shoot it and damage permanently. This trick also allows you to know if someone gets to it before you.

34. Put a roof over the left-behind loot. It’s always a pity to leave that one shield portion or extra ammo. To increase the chance of saving these supplies, put a roof over them, and you will be able to return to your hidden treasure. This can be life-saving in the late game stages.

35. Know which items to break for efficient material gathering. Wooden pallets at factories give you the most wood (from 40 to 60), and semi-tracks provide from 20 to 30 metal. Rocks are the most profitable for gathering bricks – from 30 to 60 per stone.

p 36. Critical hit when gathering resources without moving. Approach a breakable object and stand as close as possible. Then the critical hit marker won’t move as you are swinging your pickaxe, making the whole process faster.

37. Harvest materials non-stop. To gather materials without losing speed, do the following sequence: run past a resource with your pickaxe out, jump, switch to a weapon midair, and gather whatever you’ve just harvested. This allows you a quick materials boost without losing momentum, which is especially important in the late game.

38. Pick up everything you see during the early game. During early looting, pick up everything you find, so this won’t be used against you in the first combat.

39. Establish constant loot routes. Explore the map and find a couple of unpopular routes with plenty of loot to help you set up fully. Make sure that the chosen “path” can provide you with plenty of shields and all the guns you will need for the rest of the game.

40. Don’t always go through the roof. Yes, this heightens your chances of running into a chest, but chests don’t give you any shotguns. To find them, you always have to search the first and second floors. So enter buildings using doors at the early stage.

p 41. Find the right camera angle in the Loot Lake. If you kill someone at the Lake, it’s impossible to see the items that they drop unless you angle your camera down, then you will be able to see under the water and decide whether the loot is worth your time.

The Right Moves

42. Strafing (long jumping) makes you harder to spot and kill.

43. Increase your accuracy by crouching. This is one of the basic Fortnite hacks, but still a lot of people forget to do it. Make crouching in the game your habit, and it will give you a great advantage later in the game.

44. Make it to the ground faster when landing. Diving above the river, lake or valley allows you to release the parachute sooner, giving you a few moments of advantage so you can get faster to the weapon than everyone else.

45. Use the jump pad for an emergency escape from the storm area. Build a ramp as high as the time allows you, place the pad and jump. This allows you to fly fast across the map, escaping the storm and most gunshots from opponents if they spot you in the air.

jump pad 46. Slide downwards for zero fall damage. If you have to slide down a hill, turn backward while walking into it to avoid any damage. If the hill appears to be too steep, always build floors to save your precious HP.

47. Use ramps for mobility and cover while traveling across hills. If you have played at least ten games in Fortnite, you already know that you can find a million uses for a single ramp, and here’s another one that will save your life. Build ramps below and above simultaneously as you run up a hill. It will take some practice at first, but provides excellent cover, and prevents your enemies from getting easy headshots from above of the hill.

ramp 48. Use a porta fort to prevent damage. If you need a really quick escape from a hill or a high base, and you don’t have any time to build ramps or floors, use porta fort. Just drop it down and jump right into the center onto the tires, and the fort will soak all falling damage. This also works the other way – you can deploy a fort at the top of your base and jump off it using tires. They negate the fall damage from any height in this way too.

porta 49. Don’t travel across the map next to a lot of trees and objects. Choose clear paths to travel, so nothing will stop you from building a base and taking cover. When you are too close to trees or rocks you won’t be able to put up a quick hideout, resulting in an unlucky death.

50. Build floors to make long jumps that aren’t possible otherwise. If you need to cover a huge gap between two buildings, or a hill and a building, but trying to do so without a jump pad will kill you, use floors instead. You probably will have to practice to craft a floor mid-air, but as soon as you do, this will allow you to flee quickly or ambush your enemies from unexpected places.

51. Jumping with a shotgun in 1vs1 makes your enemies’ heads easier to hit while you become harder to hit as you are spamming a jump button. Plus, a jumping enemy adds an element of surprise.

Rushing Bases

52. Shoot the opponents’ structures as they are building them. Don’t wait until the enemy creates a nice cover for themselves – shoot the structures on the spot, as they are weaker in the process of construction, and take less time to be destroyed. Moreover, this will exhaust your counterpart and may even grant some poke damage, increasing your chances to score a kill.

p 53. Use impulse grenades to toss people out of their bases. To do so, line an arc in the enemy base, throw it, and you’ll see your enemy flying out of their fortification. You can also do this on skyscrapers and the side of hills.

54. When taking down an enemy base, shoot at the bottom floor. Even if you have ammo to spare, don’t waste it aimlessly on the top floors. Shoot at the bottom instead, and once you have destroyed all the walls, the whole building will collapse. Plus, the enemy can’t fix the first floor. Plus, your enemy can get damage from the fall, if the base was sufficiently high.

p 55. Rush bases correctly. Rushing bases is fun and profitable if you do it right. Make sure you attack the enemy while they are building so you can catch them off-guard. Also, use the same material so the enemy won’t be able to hear you.

What are your secret Fortnite Battle Royale tips? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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