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How DMarket Hosted a Blockchain Panel at GDC 2018

Blockchain technology has drastically altered the eCommerce landscape. The gaming industry is no exception and must take advantage of blockchain solutions to reach the next level of growth.

A plethora of questions arise, however, around this urgent topic from game developers, investors and business owners. Namely, how can they benefit from implementing blockchain technology; what the prime mover advantage would be in this case; what cryptocurrencies are to be used; which marketplace to opt for, and many others.

DMarket, together with its partners, set out its views on these questions at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018 on a panel entitled:

Be the First to Reap the Benefits from the Universe of Blockchain.

The panel, which was held in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA on March 22, gathered gaming industry enthusiasts eager to glean insights on how to make use of blockchain and integrate it with their businesses.

gdc photo To get the whole picture of what was on the agenda, click here to watch the video.

Major Takeaways:

In his welcoming speech, Vlad Panchenko, DMarket CEO and Founder, highlighted the importance of employing blockchain solutions in the gaming industry, as well as brand new revenue horizons decentralized distributed ledger technology can open which should not be underestimated.

Talking about the potential risks of blockchain, Vlad reassured the floor that this technology is capable to provide by far the most robust cybersecurity ever. Due to its decentralized character, blockchain makes it all but impossible for scammers to forge cryptocurrency or reverse transactions in any fashion.

Using blockchain, you can easily transfer in-game items between different gaming platforms. And if you enhance any game with the ability for users to build a collection and own it, you’ll get a new revenue stream and be able to significantly increase user engagement.

Vlad Panchenko, CEO and Founder of DMarket commented.

Our long-term partner, Egor Gurjev, Playkey CEO and Co-Founder, underlined that his priority is to enable people to play high-res games on low-end computers. Also, he brought into focus the unique perspectives of using a holistic marketplace for trading in-game items, which would be absolutely agnostic to games or platforms.

Game developers and publishers will definitely benefit from it. First of all, in terms of attracting larger gaming audiences to their new projects. Your fans won’t be afraid to start over a new game with all the character upgrades involved. Instead, they can just trade their old-game skins or coins for new ones and enjoy the advantage! 

Egor Gurjev, Playkey CEO & Co-Founder remarked.

Sean Keith, Vice President of Business Development at BitGuild and a passionate supporter of blockchain ideas, emphasized the actionable and cost-efficient ways in which gamers and developers could interact within a single unified trading environment. That, empowered with blockchain technology, would help create reliable further collaboration among all stakeholders.

Implementing blockchain solutions into the game industry doesn’t necessarily mean tried-and-true services must be dismissed out of hand. It‘s just a matter of relevance and effectiveness. I’m dead sure that in a couple of years we’ll witness a synergy of traditional and cutting-edge techniques working hand in hand.

Sean Keith, Vice President Of Business Development at BitGuild said.

We would also like to express heartfelt thanks to Rachel Wolfson, a Forbes contributor and devoted blockchain evangelist, for her brilliant facilitation of this event.

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