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DMarket Going Sky-High With New Talent

Our project development is running at a very fast pace and every day we’re taking on new inspiring challenges. Like a living organism, the DMarket project needs fuel to speed up and expand its bandwidth. Talent is our most important fuel. We’re happy to announce that in the past five weeks we’ve hired 13 new highly qualified specialists in product development, management and support, QA engineering, design, security and event management.

We’re looking in many directions and utilizing both traditional and outside-the-box practices to attract and hire the best specialists to devote their experience, knowledge and skills to our product and its continuous evolution,

says Ira Loza, CHRO of DMarket.

We keep growing globally and are actively hiring product and business development talent for our Santa Monica office to access fresh expertise and connections, as well as establish new partnerships to benefit different industries and communities.

Meet Some of DMarket’s New Family Members

We’re glad to bring Oleksii Misnyk on board  as a security engineer. Oleksii took top prize at DefCamp Challenge 2017, an international hacking and cyber security conference. He brings experience with and an in-depth understanding of security standards such as OWASP Top 10, PTES, PCI DSS, security testing automation, source code investigation on vulnerabilities, continuous integration deployment, etc.

Kate Sergeeva, another new team member, has more than 10 years of experience in event management and marketing. She’ll be the one to bring DMarket to the top events in the gaming industry such as GDC, E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Game Week, G-Star, and others.

Among our other new hires is Roman Zahoruyko, an outstanding designer who worked at StarLadder before joining us. Roman helped us create DMarket Founder’s Mark, a special edition virtual asset and a unique piece of memorabilia dedicated to the DMarket launch that will be reflected on its holder’s account as a privileged sign of being a pioneer of the new gaming economy. The item’s price skyrocketed from just a few cents to thousands of dollars within 24 hours of its launch on DMarket. Founder’s Mark is limited to only 1000 items and is available for purchase until the end of March 2018.

Andrew Zola is an experienced digital designer and full-stack storyteller who’ll help bring our content marketing initiatives to the next level, diversify content generation and tailor our key messages specifically to the needs of each of our target audiences.

We are creating a real symphony for many generations to come. And I’m personally proud of each member of my team. New blood brings fresh ideas and inspires all of us to conquer the world and do wild but awesome things,

comments Vlad Panchenko, CEO and Founder of DMarket.

We welcome all the new members of our DMarket family and wish them success and fun in their roles! We’ll keep you posted as we add more professionals to our team.

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