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DMarket Spring Cup – The First Pro Championship

DMarket Spring Cup – The First Pro Championship

We at DMarket believe that professional gaming is the future of international sports, and it won’t be long until CS:GO and Dota 2 will be added to the list of Olympic disciplines. DMarket actively participates in the popularization and development of Esports. The first professional CS:GO tournament sponsored by DMarket was held from April, 13 to April, 16. Eight teams competed for the prize pool of $5,000 during four tense days. Here is the full list of teams that participated and matches held.

The teams were divided into two groups – A and B – and played in pairs. After the first two matches, teams were positioned in the winning and losing brackets to compete against new rivals. Two strongest teams from each group advanced to the playoffs to fight for the title.

Group A Matches

Euronics Gaming, Fnatic Academy, Wind and Rain and Nexus Gaming comprised Group A and fought for victory during the first day. Here is the detailed list of matches and scores:

  1. Euronics and Nexus opened championship on the map Cobblestone. Euronics led the game from the very beginning, leaving little chance for Nexus to gain control. Nexus won a few rounds, but that didn’t do much for the final score of 16:6.

  2. Fnatic Academy and Wind and Rain competed next, choosing Train as their battle arena. Fnatic smashed their opponents without any remorse, ending the game with an impressive 16:2 scoreline. The victory was so fast and easy that it seemed as if the teams belonged to different leagues.

  3. Teams from the losing bracket (Wind and Rain and Nexus) fought for their last chance to advance to the playoffs on the Mirage map. After a devastating loss in the first match, Wind and Rain pulled themselves together and overpowered Nexus. The fight wasn’t easy, though, and the teams finished at 16:10 with WaR seizing victory.

  4. The match between the winners in group A was the most spectacular game of the day. Fnatic Academy and Euronics proved to be tightly matched, so viewers witnessed an epic battle at the Cash map. At first, Euronics easily gained control on the map, and it seemed that victory would be easy. However, enraged Fnatic managed to pull themselves together and won a lot of matches in a row. However, their comeback ultimately failed, and Euronics won with the score 16:10, securing their place in the playoff.

  5. The last three matches (the teams fought by the Bo3 format) of the day were also remarkable – Fnatic and Wind and Rain fought for the remaining chance to get into the playoff. At first, it seemed that the teams were equal, Mirage and Inferno maps didn’t produce a clear winner. WaR won the first map at 16:11, but Fnatic seized victory at the second with the final score 16:14. Fnatic showed their strong will to compete for first place, and finally secured their spot in the playoff, finishing up 16:5 on the last map – Nuke.

spring cup group A

Group B Matches

Good Job, Great Danes, Paris Gaming School, and Bpro competed against each other during the second day of the DMarket Spring Cup. Have a look at the detailed score:

  1. The opening match was played between Good Job and Paris Gaming School on the Overpass map. Good Job did literally a good job here, finishing the round with the score 16:5. It looks like Paris Gaming School needed to improve their strategy.

  2. Great Danes and Bpro competed during the second match on the Inferno map. Great Danes showed an intense playing style and caught Bpro off guard, winning a streak of rounds at first. The solid start helped them to win the match at 16:8, when Bpro started gaining points mid-game and almost overpowered their opponents.

  3. The next match was also held on Inferno between the teams in the losing bracket – Bpro and Paris Gaming School. This time Bpro with an impressive playing style easily overpowered Paris Gaming School. The match finished with the final score 16:4 with Bpro leading, giving them one more chance to fight for a pass to the playoffs.

  4. The fourth match was a battle for the right to win the main prize between Good Job and Great Danes from the winners bracket. Once again the Belarusian players from Good Job showed their will for victory. The match was tense – GJ won with the score 16:11. The teams fought on Overpass.

  5. The closing match in the group stage was played in the Bo3 format because the remaining two teams (Bpro and Great Danes) competed for the last place in the playoff. Despite losing a few rounds in a row, Bpro managed to cooperate and won the first map, Overpass, with a towering advantage – 16:7. The next match on the Train map finished with a similar score – Bpro won 16:8, and qualified for the semifinals after two solid victories.

spring cup group B


The first match for the ticket to the Grand Final was held between Fnatic Academy and Good Job on the Cash map. The round was an easy victory for Fnatic. It seemed that Good Job relaxed after their smashing round in the previous game and forgot to shoot, as Fnatic Academy won with an awesome 16:3 scoreline. During the second round on Cobblestone, however, Good Job pulled themselves together and fought mercilessly, but Academy turned out to be stronger and finished on top with a score of 16:10. The match was played in best of three format, so Fnatic Academy advanced to the Grand Final.

Euronics and Bpro fought in the second semifinal match. The teams turned out to be nearly equal in their skill level, so the players showed us some heated rivalry. Unlike the first match, teams had to play three games to determine the winner. During the first round on the Inferno map, Bpro prevailed with the score of 19:15. On the second map, Cash, Euronics showed an epic comeback and won with 16:12. And finally, the Germans from Euronics seized victory after a tight fight, ending on top 16:14 and proceeding to the final matches with a  scoreline of 2:1.

Grand Final

After a nice warm-up with the Bulgarians of Bpro in the semi-finals, Euronics scored a neat victory on the first map (Nuke) against Fnatic Academy. It may seem that the final score of 16:10 was a result of a clever choice of map made by the German team. However, they showed excellent skills and overpowered Fnatic on the second map, Inferno, with a similar score – 16:9 – despite the fact that it was chosen by their rivals.

Euronics won DMarket Spring Cup after a streak of tough, yet spectacular matches. Congratulations!

playoffs Here’s the final distribution of the prize pool among the teams who competed in the playoffs:

  1. Euronics Gaming – $3,000
  2. Fnatic Academy – $1,000
  3. Bpro – $500
  4. Good Job – $500

You can watch the recorded matches on the WeKnowHow Twitch channel, which streamed the tournament.

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