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How to Remove Bots in CS:GO

Why do you want to know how to kick bots in CS:GO? Those (unreal) guys just want to play the game and have fun!

There could be some reasons, for sure. For example, when you have a match with friends, and someone wants to join the party, but there is no place in the teams. Kick bots CS:GO, and a real player will be able to join instead. Or, if you want to practice within a specific environment, like having fewer players in your team.

It’s easy to remove bots CS:GO. This guide explains how.

First of all, let’s make it clear — you can only remove bots CS:GO in your custom games and when you are the admin. It is impossible to remove bots in the competitive mode. Yet it is certainly in your power to kick anyone during your personal practice with bots.

csgo gameplay
  1. To start the magic, you should enable the CS:GO console first. Actually, it is enabled by default, so in most cases you need to do nothing for this — just activate it within the game.

  2. Press tilde ~ while playing, and the console will appear on the screen.

If that does not happen:

  1. Open the Game Settings
  2. Choose Yes near Enable Developer Console

Yep, that’s it. You are ready to kick bots in CS:GO.

For a more detailed process check out our CS:GO guide, which is specifically dedicated to CS:GO console commands. Please check it out if you need more details as it includes the full list of commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO Bot Remove Commands

When the console is activated, just type the following kick bot commands. They do different stuff, so read the description.

kick bots in csgo
  • mp_limitteams 1 — to prevent bots from rejoining the match. Type mp_limitteams 0 to reverse.
  • bot_kick — it’s the ultimate answer to your question about how to remove bots in CS:GO. All the bots will be removed from the current game.
  • mp_autoteambalance 0 — this command doesn’t allow bots to balance the number of “players” in T/CT teams. mp_autoteambalance 1 returns the default setting.
  • bot_kick ct or bot_kick ct — to remove all bots from one of the teams.
  • bot_quota X — to limit the general number of bots on the server. Replace X with the number.
  • bot_kick name — to kick a bot with a specific name (make that annoying John go away!)
  • bot_kick 1 — remove bots of a specific difficulty. The available numbers are from 0 (super easy) to 3 (the most advanced bots).

CS:GO bot commands offer much more possibilities than just removing/adding AI terrorists and counter-terrorists. You have full control over them!

The commands to kick bots in CS:GO are pretty straightforward. They give you effective tools for versatile practice — for example, to rank up in the game.

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