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How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO

How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a pretty exciting game and many players have lots of fun in online shooting matches. But then, time after time, all players (or at least many of us) fall into that disastrous situation when everything goes wrong. You can’t get any kills, the money gets awfully low, your teammates are toxic, and you want nothing else but just stop this nonsense and start a new match with a better mood. Here is the point where you start wondering how to kick yourself in CS:GO.

Of course, you can just leave the match. Let us tell you something - don’t do it! It is always a bad idea because such actions ruin your online reputation. Now, leaving a multiplayer match is an even worse step. Since the introduction of CS:GO Trust Factor, the role of your reputation has become especially crucial. If you want to get good teammates and opponents in the future (e.g. play with no hackers in your game), you better never leave matches on your own but instead, you can learn how to kick yourself in CS:GO. This article will be your source of detailed information on this topic.

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Easy Steps to Kick Yourself in CS:GO

To do so, you should be a bit familiar with the developer console. No need to memorize all the console commands, you will need only two. But first, you need to launch the developer console in the game. Press the tilde ~ button. If nothing happens:

  1. Open Settings and enter Game Settings;
  2. Choose Yes near Enable Developer Console;
  3. Then try to press the tilde ~ in the game again.
enable developer console csgo

The developer console is a convenient tool for fine-tuning various settings. There are lots of commands in the game - most of them have been described in our guide CS:GO console commands - feel free to check it out. But for our current purposes we need these commands:

  • status - enter this word into the developer console and press Enter. You will see a bit of complicated info there. Don’t worry! Look for your nickname and copy the numbers just before it.
csgo status command
  • callvote kick [numbers you’ve copied] - this command activates the votekick and the numbers indicate which player you propose to kick. This will be you if the numbers were copied correctly.
csgo callvote kick command

The usual votekick will appear on the screens of your teammates. Then it’s up to them to decide whether to kick you or not.

Now you know how to vote kick yourself in CS:GO! Use this power in your hands accurately! It would be better to activate such a vote only in really critical situations. Your teammates come to the game to have fun and it would be better if everyone tries their best, with no thoughts to skip every slightly unpleasant match. Besides, you might also be interested in how to kick bots in CS:GO.

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