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Breaking News: Konami Terminates Contract with UEFA
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Breaking News: Konami Terminates Contract with UEFA

The current era of football video gaming has seemingly just ended – Konami has decided to terminate its partnership with UEFA after this year’s Champions League in Kiev. The ten-year contract has come to an end, and analysts believe that this will lead to a dire period in PES history.

In the never-ending rivalry between FIFA and PES, Pro Evolution Soccer had two major advantages that helped the game to stay fairly popular – excellent realistic gaming physics and the ability to challenge your skills in the Champions League. Though it’s unclear when UEFA will terminate the contract, and whether European teams will be featured in PES 2019 or not.

Gamers doubt that Pro Evolution Soccer will be able to withstand rivalry against FIFA with its new story mode The Journey in coming years because EA is the most likely candidate to snatch the license and add teams to their impressive list.

Check out our Cracking the Konami Code post to grasp more detail on this topic. 

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