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Articles about NFT and virtual assets

How to Make and Sell NFT in 7 Steps
It is a pretty good idea to consider Non-Fungible Tokens as an effective technical tool that can help you reach some creative and business goals. This tool should be woven into a bigger picture of actions.
Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold
Can you believe that people are ready to pay several millions of dollars for digital objects? Well, at this point in blockchain technology development, it’s not a question of assumption or believing — we have bare facts.
The Most Popular NFT Use Cases in 2023
Non-Fungible Tokens are just a technology for keeping information in a blockchain. In general, there is a file and some metadata attached to it. The file cannot be changed thanks to the magic of decentralization. The metadata keeps info on all the previous owners and price changes for the token.
How to Create an NFT | Step-by-Step Guide
The process of creating an NFT consists of artistic and technical aspects. There is no guide that can really help you with the first one. It’s always up to you how to express your vision of beauty and which tools to use.
Top 10 Most Famous NFTs
There are two main aspects that make an NFT remarkable. First is the artistic qualities of an image, video, or music. The second is the background of the file; the stories that surround its creator and creation process.
How to Make Money with NFT | Top 10 Strategies
Let’s start with two important factors. First — you cannot expect to get rich quickly with this investment. It’s rather a long-term project, probably for many years. Secondly, the whole affair is very risky. No one can guarantee you success.
How to Invest in NFT: Step-be-Step Guide
Purchasing NFT is more like creating an art collection than investing in cryptocurrency. Sure, the technical aspects put NFT into a category with crypto, but to succeed with Non-Fungible Tokens, you should approach them differently — and recognize your emotions.
Why Do People Buy NFTs?
The speed with which our society accepts brave new economic concepts can change drastically — we saw that with cryptocurrencies. One moment, everything is very slow and only enthusiasts talk about digital money. And the next moment, all skeptics register their crypto wallets, and the prices shoot super high.
When Did NFT Start? | The Beginning of NFT Era
Non-Fungible Tokens have become a strong part of modern culture and the economy. Sure, you might meet people who would rather argue about the significance of digital art pieces and their role in the vast economic process.
NFT as a New Art Form
Today, blockchain has covered literally all business niches. It also affected such phenomena as art. Let’s find out what an NFT is, and analyze the rationality of investing in this type of token. NFT: What Is It?
How NFTs Are Going to Change Gaming and Esports Industry
As part of the huge digital evolution, non-fungible tokens have entered our daily life. Or at least, they are in the process of doing so - the idea itself is pretty brave, although both companies and customers need time to adapt their products/behaviour patterns to this technology and then successfully adopt NFT.
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