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The Best AWPers in CS:GO

The role of AWPer is one that often gets the most acclaim among CS:GO players. The most iconic players over the years have predominantly been those who can competently handle this sniper rifle and help their team achieve success.

Being one of the best AWPers in CS:GO is no easy task. You need to have a combination of skills that each complement the weapon. From fast aim and shot placement to expert positioning and map awareness, being an AWPer tests all your skills as a CS:GO player.

Below, we’ll look at the best AWPers in CS:GO currently on the pro scene. This list will use data from 2022, the most recent complete year we could use.

We looked at various key metrics such as total AWP kills, AWP kills per round, rating, and impact rating. Then we assigned a point value to each skill. For example, 4 points for the highest rank in that skill, 3 for second place, and so on.

1. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev — Natus Vincere

s1mple csgo player

One of the top players at the moment, s1mple has won more than 20 HLTV MPV medals along with strong performances at majors.

In this ranking, s1mple was at the top of the rankings for two categories, both rating and impact rating. With a score of 1.27 and 1.33 respectively, it helped him make third place on our overall rankings for this list.

2. Florian “syrsoN” Rische — BIG

syrson csgo player

German-born syrsoN is currently the AWPer for BIG and has had a good run as of late. Last year he helped the team place first at the Roobet Cup. With solid performances all of last year, he was able to land in second place overall on our list.

Of note, he was at the top of this list for both total AWP kills (34921) and AWP kills per round with 0.73.

3. Dmitriy “sh1ro” Sokolov — Cloud9

sh1ro csgo player

AWPer sh1ro definitely had a good year and was one of the best CS:GO players in 2022 with a win at the Extreme Masters XVII in Dallas, Texas. His individual stats also show he had a great year, which gives him our top spot.

What’s interesting here is that while sh1ro’s total kills were only good enough for fourth place overall, his strong metrics elsewhere made the difference. He also had the best K/D ratio of this group at 1.45.

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4. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut — Vitality

zywoo csgo player

HLTV ranked ZywOo as the top overall player in both 2019 and 2020 which is quite an accomplishment. He’s currently with Vitality showing strong results and is looking to have a great year in 2023.

Although not getting a top spot in any individual metric on this list, his overall strong showing helped elevate his score and secure him a space in the top 5 overall. For example, his impact rating of 1.44 was a strong second place on this list and his opening duel success of 61.8% was good enough for third overall.

One interesting note is that ZywOo did have a higher overall headshot percentage than those above him on this list at 41%. Although not as important for the AWP, it’s still interesting considering a player like sh1ro had a percentage of only 28%.

5. Helvijs “broky” Saukants — FaZe Clan

broky csgo player

New to the tournament scene having only played his first tourney in 2017, broky is still improving and fine-tuning his game.

One of his standout metrics in 2022 was his total AWP kills (14766), which puts him at second in that category on our list.

When looking at broky’s stats, he also seems to elevate his game based on his competition with his rating increasing slightly against top 5 opponents vs top 50 opponents.

6. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov — G2

m0nesy csgo player

At only 17 years old, m0NESY has already established himself as a top player. He’s continuing his winning ways with a recent top placement in January 2023 at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups event.

He had strong individual stats that landed in the top 10, such as his rating of 1.15. He also had the fourth best AWP kills per round on our list at 0.78.

Unlike broky, m0NESY sees his rating falling slightly when up against some higher-level competition. This may be due to his relative newness on the pro scene. With experience, his stats will likely climb and by next year, will be higher on this list.

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7. Dzhami “Jame” Ali —

jame csgo player

Jame is the current AWPer for Virtus and also fills the role of in-game leader due to his experience. His numbers are solid enough to get him to number 7 on our informal list of top players.

Some of his stats were outside the top 5 on the list, which hurt his overall score. His AWP kills per round were an impressive third overall.

Overall he had a strong K/D, falling behind only s1mple and sh1ro on this list of top players.

8. Nicolai “device” Reedtz — Astralis

device csgo player

Nicolai has been able to maintain his top-level play since he started in 2014 and he looks to continue that going into 2023. His resume is full of “firsts” including being the first to win four majors with Astralis as well as winning three majors consecutively.

With a rating of 1.16 and an impact rating of 1.28, very few other players have such strong overall ratings.

9. Joshua “oSee” Ohm — Team Liquid

oSee csgo player

Our first American to join the list is Team Liquid’s oSee. The 23-year-old had some nice top 5 showings at tournaments last year and looks to continue his winning ways in 2023.

His ratings suffered a little against the top 5 opponents with a rating 2.00 of 1.14. But his opening duel success helped him crack the top 10 on this list.

10. Casper “cadiaN” Møller — Heroic

cadian csgo player

As the in-game leader for Heroic, cadiaN ended 2022 with some great performances. He took first place at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals in November and second place at the IEM in Rio earlier that month.

While some of his overall stats may be lower than others on this list, his recent performances in 2022 helped to keep him in the top 10. Of course, this is just an informal ranking based on some key stats. But overall, there was a good mix of new players as well as veterans that made the top 10.

Younger players like m0NESY will likely improve their stats during the current year. Also, will the top players like s1mple and sh1ro be able to maintain their dominance throughout 2023 as they have in the past?

It should be an entertaining year and we’ll see if the rankings start shaking up as the teams work their way through the 2023 list of tournaments.

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