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How to Make and Sell NFT in 7 Steps

It is a pretty good idea to consider Non-Fungible Tokens as an effective technical tool that can help you reach some creative and business goals. This tool should be woven into a bigger picture of actions. How to make and sell NFT is a question regarding the technology, and it’s easy to make a guide on this. But can that really help you succeed in your aspirations?

In this article on DMarket Blog, we explain all the steps you have to take to create an NFT and list it on a marketplace. And we also advise what you really should focus on throughout your project.

Your Idea and How to Present It

Yes, it goes without saying that the primary goal is making money with NFT. But we are way past those times when technology alone was enough for this. Now, it’s necessary to put something into it.

What’s Your Big Idea?

If you want to make a game, think about how NFT technology could make the playing experience better. And then move to monetization strategies through NFT.

If you want to make money selling your digital art, focus on your work, on the creative process. Build your personality and grow as an artist. Selling comes after that.

This pattern can be applied to any NFT you want to create and sell. Think about your idea — in the multidimensional meaning of this phrase.

How Do You Present This Idea To People?

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If you visit any open NFT marketplace, you will certainly see how easy it is for a token to just be drowned here. The number of offers is unbelievable. It is not enough to just list your NFT. You should reach out to people and inform them about what you are doing.

Are you an individual artist? Then you need social accounts to share something about your personality and get people excited. It will not hurt to attend offline gatherings and be around those who are interested in the business of digital art. Someone supports their unique artistic ideas through extravaganza and bold public behavior. Someone actively makes connections.

Do you want to make a big NFT project? Then you need to work with the community a lot, even more actively than individual artists. The NFT technology doesn’t make too much difference to the general work on your company and the community building for it.

The idea and its presentation are everything. Get informed on why people buy NFT and ask yourself: why will people buy your NFT and how will they know it exists?

After that, you are pretty much ready to mint and list.

How to Make and Sell NFT

Any digital file can be added to a blockchain and become a Non-Fungible Token. The most common variants are images, video, music, and 3D objects.

nft creation

Your creativity is not limited to this, though. Even a tweet can be an NFT. Or you might want to add some unique features, like changing the content depending on some real-world events. To get inspiration, take a look at our article about the most popular NFT use cases.

The transition of your file into a blockchain is called minting. With the help of modern NFT platforms, it’s a straightforward process.

1. Select an NFT Platform

The most popular variants are OpenSea and Rarible.

2. Select a Blockchain

Most NFT projects use Ethereum. Other variants are Solana and Polygon.

3. Create a Crypto Wallet and Buy Crypto Currency

You need it to pay for minting. Some platforms take a fee for listing on their marketplace. We recommend using the MetaMask wallet. You will need Ether (ETH) for the blockchain Ethereum.

4. Mint an NFT

Follow the procedure to create your NFT. For example, on OpenSea, press “Create” in your profile menu, upload a file, and fill in the data.

5. List Your NFT on a Marketplace

The technical process of listing an NFT on a marketplace is as easy as pie — thanks to the magic of modern platforms. On OpenSea, you need to open your wallet, select a token, press the “Sell” button, fill in all the forms, and choose a listing price.

6. Promote Your Work / Personal Brand / Project / Company

Considering the number of NFTs on sale, the whole topic of selling Non-Fungible Tokens is obviously not only about listing them. In general, there are two approaches: be passive and let your work sell itself; or be active and popularize your NFT among potential clients.

Only those who have established their personal brand or general reputation of their company can afford to even think about the passive approach. The idea that you list your NFT on a marketplace and then suddenly someone buys it and every other piece of your work — this is rather an illusion.

If you are wondering how to make and sell NFT art, you should focus on making your talent and your creativity notable. The market is highly competitive. The same is true about bigger projects, like games or social experiences. Selling any NFT involves a lot of various activities. It’s about creating a background for those tokens. Your name, reputation of your other projects, valuable appearances in media, collaborations with well-known celebrities — all support the artistic values of your NFTs or their practical meaning for the audience.

7. Wait for Someone to Purchase Your Token

The fruits of effort comes to those who are dedicated to their success in the NFT field and persistence at growing as a professional. However simple this seventh step might look, it’s still not a relaxed enjoyment of fame. Focus on your new masterpieces — to make your presence in the industry bigger and to increase your chance of success.

And always pay enough attention to the activities from our Step 6. Many people are ready to pay for tokens. But they know how to invest in NFT and will look for the best variants. Let them know your tokens exist. And let them feel that this exact investment will be the most valuable for them.

nft converting into money

Is there a universal recipe for success? No. For digital artists, it’s a life-long journey. For companies, it’s the dedication to work on a project and general professionalism. Be bold, be unique, and the chances for your success will grow.

Hopefully, this article on DMarket was helpful — not only in explaining how to make and sell NFT but also in settling your mind on the business and art of Non-Fungible Tokens and your place in it. For more details on each step, check out our article on NFT creation.

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