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Simple but Advanced CS:GO Guide for Beginners to Become a Pro


CS:GO is the world’s most famous shooter, which has attracted the attention of every gamer worldwide. But how did it all start? Well, let’s go back to the late ‘90s. In 1998, Valve released the Half-Life game mode Counter-Strike.

As a separate game, Counter-Strike appeared in 2000, and as a stand-alone product, Counter-Strike came out on Steam on November 8, 2003. For quite a long time, the most popular Counter-Strike version was 1.6. It was in demand even after CS:SOURCE was released.

Things changed in 2012 when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out. For real, it was a massive game changer. Check out our article about how many people go crazy playing CS:GO for hours and hours.

Now CS:GO has switched to a free model. Prime Matchmaking, which binds your account to a phone number, remains paid, which in turn reduces the chance of getting into a game with a cheater.

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How Can You Download the Game:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Click Play Game (It’s free to play)
  3. Follow the instructions

How to Optimize Your PC for Playing CS:GO


If you do not have a super powerful computer, but really want to play CS:GO, then you should make sure that your PC is ready to withstand high loads.

There are some simple rules to optimize PC for playing CS:GO:

  • Keep your computer clean: both inside (do not download any third-party software) and externally (do not forget to periodically clean it from dust)

  • Update the drivers! One of the most simple but effective rules, which can sometimes give a boost which is equivalent to buying a newer video card

  • Close all third-party software before starting the game! Especially browsers! Having a test with an open browser and closed, you will be surprised how much Google Chrome eats memory.

If these simple tips did not help, then we recommend you read our article on FPS in CS:GO, where you will find more tips on how to play CS:GO without lags.

Launch Settings


Many players do not know what startup settings are. In short, these are special console commands that are automatically applied when you are entering the game. So there is no need to apply them each time.

Wondering how set launch settings?

  1. Right-click the game icon in the Steam games library
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click Set Launch Settings to enter the needed commands

Here is just a small list of useful csgo commands:

  • -novid - skips loading video in the begging of a game

  • -console - turns on the console in the game

  • -freq “number” - the screen refresh rate, for example 120 (-freq “120”

  • -high - high priority game launch

Complete command list along with detailed description can be found in our CS:GO Launch Options – Ultimate Guide article.

To see which configs and devices are used by professional players, please proceed to our article PRO CS:GO Players Settings & Configs Explained

The Game


When you enter the game, you see a menu which contains two side sub-menus.

Right sidebar features:

  • Your profile
  • Online friends list
  • Your CS:GO rank
  • People nearby, whom you can invite to play

Left side menu features:

  • Your old matches
  • Settings
  • Your Inventory
  • Selecting the game mode

The first thing you should start with is the Tutorial.


It will give you the opportunity to control your character, shoot from different weapons, throw grenades and even plant and defuse a bomb. The final task will be speed distance passage, where you’re shooting moving targets. Feels like Rambo! Think it’s easy? Try to go the distance faster than 11 seconds and become the new record holder!

After completing the training, you can start learning the game modes…let’s check them out!

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Casual Mode


This mode will help you to get all the basics of the game. “Casual” battle may include any number of players. Maybe you’re also wondering what is the goal of the battle? But first things first. There are two teams in the game: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

There are several ways of winning a round:

  • Bomb-planting / bomb-defusing
  • Hostages rescue
  • Kill the enemy team

Task - to kill opponents (or complete main mission of the map - hostages rescue; bomb planting/defusing). If the team has coped with the kill every opponent task, it earns points which are added to their bank.

Bomd planting/defusing

Terrorists win the round after successfully exploding the bomb. The bomb is given to a random player on the terrorist team each round, and it can be transferred between players.

Bomb can be planted in certain areas of the map:

  • Plant A
  • Plant B

Both of them available in any bomb-planting map.

The bomb explodes 35 seconds after planting. If the opponents do not have time to defuse it and it explodes - your team won the round despite the number of surviving opponents.

Winning conditions for counter-terrorists

Counter-terrorists, in turn, win the round if terrorists did not plant the bomb after the time of the round has passed, or if the counter-terrorists defused it, or killed all of the opponents.

Maps with hostage release

There are terrorists controlling a group of hostages, and there are counter-terrorists who must save them and bring them to their base.

  • The task of the Terrorists is not to lose a single hostage
  • The task of the Counter-Terrorists is to save at least one of them, which will guarantee a won round.

The “Casual” mode itself is played for 16 rounds, or up to 8 rounds won by one of the teams. Each round, the team buys equipment for the money earned during the previous round. Another plus of the mode is that you have default armor! Therefore, even if you lose the round, you will be protected and prepared for the next one.

Competitive Mode


Competitive mode is needed for you to gain experience before competing, since overall victory depends on each player. Wondering what is the mode’s main feature? In fact, the whole basis of this mode is similar to Casual. But there are games with 5-vs-5 setup.

The game consists of two parts:

  • In the first part, you play for one side, thinking through tactics for each round
  • In the second part there is a change of sides, and you find yourself “on the other side of the barricades”.

15 rounds each (or up to a winning score of 16 points). The competitive mode can be considered more hardcore because in this mode you do not have automatically purchased armor (as usual)!

Difference in start money for CS:GO modes:

  • Competitive mode - $800
  • Casual mode - $1000

How to Exit a Match in CS:GO?

While playing multiplayer shootouts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players can initiate voting to kick bots or someone for spoiling the game. Usually, this happens when that guy is super rude or can’t play adequately. One of the weirdest things here is a desire to kick yourself.

Buy CS:GO Skins Read our guide on how to kick youtself in CS:GO to discover something new from the world of this legendary game!


The CS:GO rank system can be structured into four types:

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High
  • Very high

Low Level

It is the basic level which you are most likely to receive after the calibration.

csgo_ranks_silver Looks like a silver stripe token.

This rank includes Silver titles:

  • Silver (Silver) 1-4
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver master.

They say these levels are achieved by the laziest and most inept players. In our opinion, it is not the case, since there are many newcomers and even experienced people who occasionally drop in to play one or two matches. If you play at this rank, and a player who smokes everyone is up against you, it may be a smurf. A smurf is a person who raises another player’s level. They’re usually found on low ranks.

Normal Level

It’s for players who have passed the threshold of Silver level and are ready to go to the next one, receiving a gold rank:

  • Gold Star


  • Gold Nova

Normal lvl rank contains the next titles:

  • Gold Nova 1-3
  • Gold nova master
  • Master guardian 1-2.

At this rank there are the most experienced players who have passed a few hundred maps in competitive mode. There are fewer boosters, inadequates and cheaters, but sometimes they still come across in one of the teams.

High level

Is available only to veterans of Counter-Strike, who have the titles of the categories:

  • Master guardian elite
  • Honored master guardian

Here, everyone knows the maps perfectly, knows how to shoot accurately and fast, acts clearly, responds quickly to changes in the situation and is coordinated with teammates. At this level, the skill of the players is as high as if everyone uses cheats and cheat commands.

Very High level

In other words, the elite level.

People should have the following ranks:

  • Legendary eagle
  • Legendary eagle master
  • Supreme master of the highest rank (Supreme master first class)
  • World elite (The global elite)

Check out our complete tips list on how to increase your rank in CS:GO.

Cheaters and boosters are rarely found here, mostly at this level you’ll find professional and top players who participate in international CS:GO competitions. Read more about the upcoming CS:GO tournaments in our article.

War Games


War games mode consists of three different mini-games:

  • Arms race
  • Demolition
  • Flying scoutman

Arms race - the mode in which you need to kill opponents with each type of weapon. In the beginning, you are given a pistol, and with subsequent kills you get better weapons. The winner is the player who, after performing kills from all guns, kills the enemy with a knife.


Demolition is a mode in which a weapon improves when committing kills. To win a round, you must complete the task or destroy the opposing team.


Flying scoutman - a mode with reduced gravity, where players wielding SSG 08, are trying to kill opponents during a jump.




This is 2-vs-2 mode. It has its own titles, which are identical with the titles of the competitive mode. In addition, the mode has its own list of maps, selected specifically for 4 players on the server.



The mode in which you appear in a random place on the map, having any weapon that you like to kill your opponents. Many come to play it for a couple of minutes to prepare for competitive mode. The disadvantage of this mode is that you are playing in a team and you cannot start friendly fire. Therefore, you spend more time searching for the enemy than actually killing the enemy. That is why many players prefer informal servers to warm up before playing games.

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Danger Zone


This is a new mode, a “battle royale” in CS:GO. You land on the island and start looking for weapons with 17 enemies. The main task is to stay alive, which requires killing enemies.

Community Servers


Separate game servers with a variety of modes. Here you can find such game modes as 1vsall, 1vs1, zombie modes, etc.

OK. Now you are familiar with what CS:GO is, but before you start the game, we’d recommend you to familiarize yourself with the initial CS:GO settings and important scripts that will allow you to integrate into the game process as quickly as possible.

Game Devices



The sensitivity of the mouse is one of the most important things in CS:GO.

Sensitivity affects:

  • Rapid aiming of the sight at an enemy
  • The accuracy of shooting at the enemy

How to adjust mouse sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity you need, depending on your mouse. In order to correctly determine at what value it is easiest for you to play, try on the training map to quickly aim the bots that will run out from around the corner, or simply move along a certain route - this way you will immediately understand whether the set value effectively reflects your aim. If the motion is too sharp and sometimes “overpowers” through the enemy, you should set the value lower and try again.

Be careful! If your mouse sensitivity is too low, there is a risk of being caught by surprise and to not have time to turn on the enemy because of a slow mouse.

To set the mouse sensitivity:

  • Go to SettingsKeyboard
  • MouseMouse sensitivity
  • It is recommended to choose a value between 2-4, as generally this is optimal for a stable game

Configuring mouse preferences in CS:GO is not limited to the sensitivity. It is worth paying attention to other parameters. Maybe some changes will make you more successful in virtual skirmishes:

  • Mouse Inversion is a rather peculiar setting. It enables an interesting mode: you move the mouse in one direction, but it goes to the opposite in the game itself. Suitable for experimenters.
  • Sensitivity in the approximation - the same as the main sensitivity, but only with an activated sniper scope.
  • Mouse acceleration is for those who need sharper movements in the game.
  • The magnitude of the acceleration - the slider is activated when the previous parameter is enabled and sets its performance.

Also, all csgo mouse settings can be done using console commands. The most popular among them are the following two:

  • sensitivity 2.7 - mouse sensation, the same as the sensitivity indicator through the settings menu; - good for a quick change of sensitivity without entering the settings menu

  • m_rawinput 1 - this parameter enables the mouse “directly” to bypass the computer’s operating system, that is, these parameters will work only in the game; - Often used by professional players to more accurately adjust the mouse in matches.

Buy CS:GO Skins Speaking about picking devices… Well, this case is too individual. You can significantly simplify your selection by reading our article about the best mice of 2018 to find the one that suits you the best.



The keyboard, as well as the mouse, is quite an individual thing.

Here is the list of must-have features for a gaming keyboard:

  • High-quality keyboards give the maximum pressing speed and maximum reliability
  • Additional functions and buttons
  • Macro programming
  • Backlighting.

Keyboards are structured by two types:

  • Mechanical
  • Membrane

Membrane keyboards are the most common and universal option. Such keyboards are represented in the low-medium price segment.

Main characteristics of membrane keyboards:

  • Each key of such keyboards is a rubber membrane that provides resistance and also key return
  • Pressing keys is moderately tight
  • Erasers in membrane keyboards have low longevity, lose their elasticity, wear so much that they can break
  • It also supports a small number of simultaneous keystrokes, and the buttons work only when fully pressed to the end
  • Membrane keyboards have low cost and quiet operation

These keyboards are poorly suited to gamers.

Mechanical keyboards are the perfect solution for gamers.

Main characteristics of mechanical keyboards:

  • They are based on mechanical switches that are very reliable and can withstand 50-70 million clicks
  • They work faster than membrane keys - the signal is registered before the key goes down to the end, and the return to the initial state occurs almost instantly
  • Mechanical switches, unlike membrane ones, do not get fatigued and always work as new
  • There is also support for multiple simultaneous clicks, which is very useful for gamers
  • A drawback of these keyboards is increased noise after key pressing.

Video Card


The most common problems among all CS:GO issues is low frame rate. Many people want to increase the FPS, including gamers, with a piece of outdated equipment and players with powerful computers who are not efficiently using existing capabilities. Video card capabilities and correct setup are two of the main factors that determine the FPS level. The correct NVIDIA graphics settings for CS:GO allows to increase the frame rate.

To increase the frame rate in CS:GO, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control panel of the video card
  2. Go to the 3D Options tab
  3. Select Adjusting image settings with viewing item
  4. Set the performance priority and place the quality indicator to the minimum value in User settings with a focus on:
  5. Go to Manage 3D Parameters tab, to replace the global three-dimensional parameters by creating substitutions for certain programs
  6. Select CS:GO in Program settings
  7. Open Texture filtering → Quality, select High performance
  8. Click Apply changes

For AMD Radeon graphics cards, the sequence is slightly different:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select the AMD Catalyst Control Center
  2. Next, go to Parameters and Advanced View tab
  3. After switching to the Games tab, select 3D application settings
  4. Click Add to specify the path to the game folder, changing the settings
  5. After making the changes, click Apply and close the application
  6. Click AMD in the lower right corner, select the first item in the list
  7. Further 3D-graphics optionsStandard settings and High performance
  8. Select Turn off in Tessellation
  9. Select Performance in Catalyst A.I .: Texture filtering quality.
Don’t forget to restart the PC after applying all these changes.



It’s important to correct sound tuning in CS:GO for competitive mode, as well as for tournaments, in order to follow a certain tactic of the game, and to be able to tell teammates the location of the opponent. Pre-calibrated sound settings can play a key role in such cases.

Read the full guide on how to play music in CS:GO. If you are interested in how to adjust the sound in CS:GO, you should properly connect headphones or speakers. In the parameters you must select the appropriate value to adjust the sound in CS:GO:

  • Headphones - if you do not want to disturb others
  • 2 - if you have two speakers connected to the computer
  • 4 - if the number of speakers is 4
  • 5.1 - if you have an audio system with five speakers and a subwoofer

After that, it is necessary to remove all extraneous sounds that will drown out the sound of steps, as well as to determine equally important parameters:

  • The overall volume of the music is set to 0
  • Turns off the music in the finals of the round, because of which the steps would not be heard
  • Disable sound for the hostage/bomb
  • Turns off the sound for the 10-second warning

Another point to which you should pay attention: high-quality sound in the game requires the appropriate equipment or headphones. You should not blame inaudibility if you play with an audio device you took from your older brother five years ago!


csgo_microphone Since there is a voice chat function in CS:GO, you need to make sure that your microphone works properly. In order to configure the microphone in CS:GO and remove extraneous sounds, you should perform a number of simple steps. But before that, it is better to test the device.

Ask a friend in the game to go with you to some location and conduct a dialogue in the chat or go into any game mode and do the same.

If this method does not suit you, you can use the voice_loopback 1 console command to check the sound quality. Then you should go into the game with bots (not real players) and say a few words in the chat to check the microphone. What if the microphone doesn’t work?

To adjust microphone settings in CS:GO:

  1. Go to Control Panel, click Sound
  2. Click the Record tab
  3. Select a microphone from the device list and set Default properties
  4. Restart the game by checking the device performance through one of the methods described above

If the device works, but you hear your voice interfering with the background noise, the required actions will be as follows:

  1. Repeat the steps from the previous item to open the Record tab
  2. Select the desired microphone and click on the Properties button
  3. In the window that appears, open the Listen tab
  4. Remove the checkmark from the item Listen to this device - this is how the echo is removed
  5. If necessary, go to the Properties tab and select Levels
  6. Set the maximum value for the item Microphone, removing the Gain at the minimum

These actions will help to restore the microphone, which will return the possibility of communication with other team members.

CS:GO console commands

To be able to enter console commands, you will need to activate the ability to use the console.

To activate CS:GO console, in the game launch options:

  • Enter the option -console


  • Enable the Enable Developer Console function in the game menu settings
  • The console is displayed by pressing the key (~ or E), which is located just below the Esc key

You can find a complete list of CS:GO console commands by reading our detailed guide.


There is no shooter without weapons. So let’s check them out!

Also, very important part of proper using of any weapon is CS:GO crosshair settings.


And let’s start with pistols. The game features 9 pistols, and although they are the cheapest weapon in the game, do not underestimate them!



The starting default pistol of counter-terrorists. It is loved by many players. Despite this, it is best to change it after the pistol round.

Tips for using USP-S:

  • Do not try to shoot without stopping, hoping that some bullet will hit the target. You have only 12 bullets and 24 spare bullets
  • The best tactic when playing with USP-S is to take a long position with cover (for example, Pent A on Dust2, Hangar on the street on Nuke, mid on Cache, etc)

Important: Do not remove the silencer from the USP-S. With the silencer removed, the spread increases, which will adversely affect the accuracy of your shooting!

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P2000 Alternative for USP-S. Unlike USP-S, it has 13 bullets instead of 12 and 52 spares instead of 24. If you look at the performance, the difference is not particularly huge, but the tactic is completely different.

Tips for using P2000:

  • A player with p2000 should be close to the opponent’s position, releasing 2-3 bullets, aiming at the opponent’s head
  • You should not attack and run out on enemies with this gun because of its small magazine capacity.

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Starting gun for terrorists.

Pros of the Glock-18:

  • High fire rate
  • Large store and a small return

Cons of the Glock-18:

  • Small damage
Sometimes you may think: I see how this weapon’s bullets reach the body of the enemy, but they do not kill him! Am I shooting at him with peas!? Well, this is Glock-18...

Tips for using Glock-18:

  • Try to shoot the enemy with as many bullets as possible
  • Shoot close, aim at the head and belly
  • Glock 18 is suitable for the first round
  • It is quite effective against opponents which do not have a bulletproof vest
  • Glock allows you to fire a series of three shots.

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The cheapest weapon among pistols, but is quite effective. Although P250 costs only $300, it gives pretty good damage to the head - 151 and 96(in full armor). Thus, when you hit the enemy’s head, there will be only 4 HP left. Not bad for eco, right?

Tips for using P250:

  • Take unexpected positions or hide so that you have a better chance of catching the enemy off guard
  • Thus, in addition to a shot in the head, you can also finish off the enemy
  • P250 is amazing for eco-rounds, as it recoups its cost immediately after one kill
  • As good as a second weapon for snipers

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An exclusive pistol for counter-terrorists. It was quite popular back in a day, but modern players don’t like this weapon much. And it’s all due to the nerfs of this weapon. As a result, reduced accuracy and “it used to be better, why take it now” stigma.

Tips for using Five-Seven:

  • First two bullets are the most accurate
  • While the opponents are far away, shoot one or two bullets, aiming at the head
  • In case the enemy is already very close to you - feel free to shoot as many bullets as possible in a second
  • You certainly have enough ammo to spend as many bullets as you want

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Exclusive for terrorists and, at the same time, one of the most controversial pistols available in the game. Previously, this gun was loved and hated in equal measure, but now the nerf has completely killed it.

Once upon a time,the cybersport team Fnatic bought Tec-9 and just rushed in one direction, killing everyone in their path.

Tips for using Tec-9:

  • It is best to take it when you are sure that you will spend the whole round in closed locations, shooting at short distances. In this case, Tec-9 will bring the maximum benefit
  • Try to use this weapon while you’re close to the enemy, aiming at the head and leading the sight lower

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One of the most unusual and complex pistols. This gun has only 12 bullets and 12 spares. But most importantly, it is automatic!

Cons of CZ75-Auto:

  • High recoil
  • Few bullets in the magazine
  • Long reloading
  • Very long animation of reaching for the weapon
But, at the same time, experienced players who know how to properly use it are very fond of it.

Tips for using CZ75-Auto:

  • Very good damage and penetrability
  • CZ75-Auto is capable of killing one or two enemies
  • Don’t from the long distance

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Dual Berettas


The essence of fun gaming. A weapon loved by so many players. Even by cyber sportsmen!

Quite a large scatter from this weapon is compensated by a high rate of fire, a large magazine (30 bullets), and the obligatory headshots that your opponent gets if you shoot these Italian pistols correctly.

Tips for using Dual Berettas:

  • Shoot in motion and use it while hiding
  • Try to take the enemy’s head the target
  • If you decided to keep shooting, move the scope lower, so there’s more chance to inflict heavy damage on the enemy

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This revolver made every player a cowboy for two weeks right after its appearance. It was previously known as the RDR2. Initially, its performance was so powerful that it killed with the first bullet in the body (its characteristics were equal to AWP) at the initial price of $ 850! The revolver just broke the game on exit and reduced damage (now it is equal to SSG 08). Now it is not that popular, even after decreasing its price (now it costs $ 600).

Tips for using R8:

  • Don’t use R8 in the competitive mode
  • Try to hit the enemy in the head from the first bullet
  • The problem is that after the onslaught of the mouse and before the shot, it takes some time, and all this time you need to stay pointing at the opponent’s head, which is quite difficult

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Desert Eagle

Imagine: you bought an AWP for which you saved up for 4 rounds, you know that your opponents spent all their money in the last round, but you get taken out with a headshot.

In fact, Deagle has very high damage and very high accuracy, but only 7 bullets in the magazine do not let you make the bullets rain, so you have to spend 1-3 bullets for one enemy.

Tips for using Desert Eagle:

  • Stay under cover and shoot from a distance (if the enemy does not have AWP)
  • Shooting with Deagle deals good damage, but is quite difficult. Focus to shoot the enemy’s head
  • A shot from Deagle can kill three opponents in a row with one bullet if they stand one behind each other

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For people with really good reaction and hearing.

Tips for using shotguns:

  • Hide and wait for the enemy
  • Shoot from the close distance
  • You have only one chance: you either kill the enemy, which gives you the opportunity to kill a couple of onlookers

Let’s check out every shotgun in CS:GO.



Exclusive shotgun for the terrorists. One of the most unpopular weapons in the game… But it has the most beautiful skins! The unpopularity of this weapon is explained by the fact that terrorists most often attack without waiting for the enemy, and it is rather difficult to come close with a Sawed-off.

Tips for using Sawed-Off:

  • Shoot from the close distance
  • One shotgun charge should be enough

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Alternative Sawed-Off for counter-terrorists, which is used much more often. Has a holder of 5 bullets, which is very convenient to fly into the crowd of opponents, which you can kill during an aggressive game on their part. Also, quite often it can be used when trying to kill an enemy from an ambush or in a jump.

Tips for using MAG-7:

  • Stand as close as you can to the possible exit of the enemy
  • Listen to the footsteps in your direction
  • You can throw a light-noise grenade or ask your partner to do it. Turn away. The grenade blinds opponents. Come out and kill

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One of the cheapest shotguns in the line (along with Sawed-Off). It is quite difficult to play with it, but sometimes it works… if it’s in the right hands.

The tactics with shotguns are always the same:

  • Sit
  • Wait
  • Kill

The best you can get from purchasing Nova in the second round after the victorious one, or it will be an ideal investment when you are firmly convinced that your opponent is eco. And if there is armor on the enemy, then Nova may not make the kill, and then all that remains is running away!

Tips for using Nova:

  • Sit behind a cover
  • Shoot bullets one by one
  • Open fire from behind the cover

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An automatic shotgun made to kill enemies who have decided that they can rush you. Its benefit is the ability to quickly scatter opponents on the sides. The con is its smallest damage in the class and huge scatter. Think twice before going to the enemy!

Tips for using XM1014:

  • Shotgun will take away all opponents if they get too close
  • Shoot and hide

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Pistol Machine Guns

Pistols machine guns (or simpler PP) are the best weapon for 2-3 rounds, or at forced buy. They can bring an enemy down… Although these weapons are worse than assault rifles.



The cheapest in its class, MAC-10 is available only for terrorists. It’s really good for playing against enemies without armor and a helmet. On the second and third round, it can help go through pistol rounds.

Tips for using MAC-10:

The main strategy of terrorists to play with this gun is a “run and kill” strategy.

It is the best option for a combo with a light-noise grenade so that your opponents cannot kill you with a headshot.

Interesting fact: You can buy a Mac-10 on a pistol round. All you need is not to spend money and kill one enemy, then return to the base and buy a Mac-10. And all this in 20 seconds. Good luck!

Buy MAC-10 Skins



MP9 is an alternative to MAC-10 for counter-terrorists. The tactics are exactly the same as for terrorists with Mac-10. Under the light-noise grenade, you wait for the enemy, kill and hide. Repeat.

Tips for using MP9:

  • Since the spread of this gun is just cosmic, it is necessary to start an attack after your enemy gets as close as possible
  • If the enemy is still in the middle distance, try to kill him, aiming at the head with 1-3 bullets

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PP has the lowest damage. Although it has 64 bullets, Bison fans can be found extremely rarely, as any other PP will perform better.

Tips for using PP-Bizon:

  • Extremely small damage is compensated by 64 ammo
  • The tactic is simple: pull the trigger and run to the nearest enemy

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One of the best weapons comparing price/quality. Now almost everyone is playing with it. In the right hands, this gun is able to work out for you without yielding to assault rifles. With its low recoil, high rate of fire and “non-pea” damage, the UMP-45 is one of the best PPs at the moment.

Tips for using UMP-45:

  • Shots need to burst
  • 3-4 bullets, aiming at the head, at close and medium distances
  • Spray, if the enemy is too close

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This one is the closest to an assault rifle. With 30 bullets in stock, good firing rate and strong penetrability, a $ 1500 weapon can sometimes be more dangerous than its more expensive competitors!

Tips for using MP7:

  • Shoot at medium distances
  • Aim for the head, use 1-3 bullets
  • If you are close - burst

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Enemies hate it, kids love it. It’s really easy to kill opponents with it: you just need to run holding Fire. With just a frenzied rate of fire and 50 bullets in a magazine, you can easily take down your opponents.

Tips for using P90:

  • Run forward (preferably under a light-noise grenade) and spray just below the opponent’s head

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Assault Rifles

Well, we got to the most important tools in the game. Let’s start!

Galil AR


An exclusive and rather deadly weapon for terrorists for $2000, which has a large spread. Very useful if there is little money, but more damage is required. It has 35 bullets but does not kill with the first bullet in the head (if wearing a helmet).

Tips for using Galil AR:

  • Shoot 3-4 bullets aiming at the head and taking the sight slightly lower
  • Spraying with a Galil is not advised, because of its inaccuracy
  • Shoot from close and middle distances

Buy Galil-AR Skins



Alternative to Galil AR for counter-terrorists. Unlike Galil, FAMAS has only 25 bullets in the holder, and low fire rate, dealing little damage to the head, but has a rather low return and convenient shooting control. Considered as an option when you are short on money.

Tips for using FAMAS:

  • FAMAS has a burst fire mode, which, in fact, is rarely used
  • Shoot 1-3 (in the distance) and 5-6 bullets (on average, due to the easily controlled clamp) and burst when an enemy appears

Buy FAMAS Skins



The main weapon for terrorists, the standard weapon in the game. AK kills with a headshot in a helmet with a single bullet, which already gives it tremendous respect from all fans of the game!

Tips for using AK-47:

  • It is also worth knowing that the first bullet flies right into the target, i.e. shot 2-3 bullets at once. If the enemy is very close, the clip should be held, aiming at the head and moving the weapon down.

Important: Often, many newbies make the mistake of spraying the entire clip at a time. This makes the AK-47 difficult to control and gives an advantage to an enemy. To avoid this, practice shooting in short bursts.

Buy AK-47 Skins



Alternative to the AK-47 for counter-terrorists. Unlike the AK, M4A4 is a lower-damage weapon, but at the same time, it is convenient and accurate. M4A4 looks like a more attractive option for experienced players.

Tips for using M4A4:

  • Shoot at 5-6 bullets aiming for the head, holding it slightly lower.
  • If the enemy is far away, then it is best to shoot 2-3 bullets at once aiming at the head.

Buy M4A4 Skins



Another AK-47 alternative for counter-terrorists. This weapon competes with the M4A4. The difference between M4A4 and M4A1-S is not that big.

Pros of M4A1-S:

  • Smaller spread of bullets and a silencer

Cons of M4A1-S:

  • 20 bullets in the holder and 60 in addition

Tips for using M4A1-S:

  • If the enemy is at a far distance, shoot 2-3 bullets at once aiming at the head
  • Leave time for reload, due to small amount of bullets in the magazine

Buy M4A1-S Skins



An exclusive weapon for counter-terrorists, which is gaining its popularity. AUG is the only automatic rifle for counter-terrorists, that has a scope . It is quite easy to use, which allows beginners to quickly get used to the physics of the game.

Tips for using AUG:

  • Useful for defence
  • Shoot at medium distances

Buy AUG Skins

SG 553


The only sight-equipped automatic rifle for terrorists.

Cons of SG 553:

  • Reduced accuracy and increased scatter
Practicing will make SG 553 a deadly weapon

Tips for using SG 553:

  • Accuracy drops quickly when shooting with a “clip”
  • When “clamping” for a long time, the accuracy is as bad as the Negev and the spread is larger, than AK 47
  • Use bursts of fire to keep the spread in a normal position, do not “pinch”
Interesting fact: it completely ignores armor and helmets!

Buy SG-553 Skins

Sniper Rifles

In CS:GO there are 4 types of sniper rifles.

SSG 08


Austrian sniper rifle with a sliding bolt. Magazine of this rifle contains 10 NATO 7.62 x 51mm caliber ammos, along with 90 reserved ammos. The SSG 08 is a very cheap rifle, suitable for the first rounds.

You won't kill an enemy if you shoot in the chest and stomach, and if the enemy has an armor.

Tips for using SSG 08:

  • Playing competitive mode, hit the enemy in the stomach
  • Avoid a fight against a group of enemies since the firepower of SSG 08 does not allow you to fight several opponents at once

Buy SSG-08 Skins



So we got to the main fear and love of all players in CS:GO. AWP kills with one shot, no matter what part of body hit the bullet, except the legs.

Tips for using AWP:

  • When you fight an enemy sniper, and you cannot kill him with the first shot. The best solution would be to use a cover or retreat, because the enemy’s sniper can predict your appearance
  • Hide while reloading the rifle
  • Shoot in the stomach or chest because this sniper rifle causes heavy damage

Buy AWP Skins



Semi-automatic sniper rifle, which only Special Forces can buy.

Tips for using SCAR-20:

  • Take position on the longest distance, so that your allies take positions easier
  • SCAR-20 boasts high damage and low recoil for each shot. This allows the player to shoot a clip into the opponent’s body.
  • If you are defending an important point, it is worthwhile to find a position that is difficult to notice, but which offers a view of the possible exit point of the enemy

Buy SCAR-20 Skins



Exclusive for terrorists, automatic sniper rifle. This rifle is fast-firing, which makes it easier to kill enemies.

Tips for using G3SG1:

  • Your accuracy depends on your movements. The slighter movements you make, the more accurate a shot will be.
  • Keep your gun handy. Use the G3SG1 in combat at long distance and use a pistol at close distance. If the gun is unavailable, try to kill an enemy without aiming.

Buy G3SG1 Skins

Machine Guns



One of the two machine guns in CS:GO. Rarely used in competitive mode because of its performance and high prices. Each M249 magazine holds 100 bullets of 5.56 caliber ammunition, and 200 bullets in reserve.

Tips for using M249:

  • Spray and use a strafe at close distance
  • If you know that the enemy is behind a thin wall, shoot through it
  • Never spray if the enemy is at long distance

Buy M249 Skins



One of the fastest weapons in the game. Each magazine contains 150 bullets.

Main cons of Negev:

  • High recoil
  • Low accuracy

Tips for using Negev:

  • When shooting a “clip” aim all the time lower to control the high recoil
  • Walking, running and jumping while firing from this weapon is not recommended
  • Sit down while shooting, so the accuracy and impact become a little better

Buy Negev Skins



Grenade is an additional weapon in the entire CS series.

There are six types of grenades:

  • Flashbang grenade - is a grenade that has the ability to blind the enemy for a while.
  • Smoke grenade - grenade, which, after the “explosion” emits smoke.
  • High-explosive (HE) grenade - is the only grenade that inflicts damage (although other grenades can also kill, but only if the enemy has 1 Hp after the explosion.
  • Decoy grenade - Simulates shots, confusing the enemy.
  • Molotov cocktail - creates a flame at the site of impact. (Available to Terrorists)
  • Incendiary grenade - creates a flame at the site of impact. (Available for Special Forces)



The knife is a melee weapon available to all teams in the Counter-Strike series. The knife is free and it can not be thrown out, except for the Forbidden Zone mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The knife is located in the 3rd weapon slot. But, you can also use Zeus x27 stun gun in the 3rd weapon slot. Player has the maximum movement speed, wearing a knife, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of the cheapest csgo knives.

The knife has 2 types of attack:

  • Stabbing (fast)
  • Cutting (slow)



Skins brought microtransactions to almost all games. What are skins? They are beautiful weapon cosmetics. There are a lot of skins in the game and they are very popular in the gaming community. It is believed that the most expensive skins are for the AWP, AK-47 and the knife. But there are skins for every type of weapon, except grenades and shocker. You can read more info about weapon types, skins and wear levels in our CS:GO Skin Quality Guide.


There are quite a few different maps in the game, but 7 are considered the main ones, and all of them are maps with a bomb planting scenario. Each of them has its own planting sites:

  • Planting site A
  • Planting site B

Every round, terrorists must attack one of them. At the same time, counter-terrorists must save sites from attack.

Dust 2


The actual location of Dust 2 is Morocco. Dust 2 is undoubtedly the most popular and playable map. The popularity is high due to its balance and roots from the old school days of the game. It is focused on shooting and killing right off the bat, rather than a tactical approach. The minimum level of information can be transmitted not by the exact locations of the enemy, but by the general regions of the map.



Inferno is a map where the action takes place on the streets of a small Italian village. Terrorists are trying to plant a bomb on two points where boxes with weapons are located. Special Forces should prevent the elimination of these points. This map is one of the most popular and balanced.



Mirage is taking place somewhere in the Middle East. The main battles take place at the bomb laying sites (A and B), in the center, and in the apartment. Terrorists, using explosive missiles (at site A), want to blow up the embassy and take over the city. SWAT is obliged to prevent the explosion. This map is one of the most popular in the game. It is well balanced, and the map offers equally interesting gameplay while playing for both teams - special forces and terrorists.



Nuke depicts Cedar Creek power plant, in the north of the United States. The bomb plant consists of two levels (A and B). The terrorists are trying to blow them up in one of two places: from above (the bomb’s laying site A) or directly near the plant (bomb laying site B). Battles take place on the street, as well as inside the nuclear power plant. Pay attention to the underground tunnel or, as they say, “secret room”, because it is one of the favorite routes to the point where the terrorists have to set bomb B.



Overpass is a map based on the sewer system and flyover in Berlin, Germany. Terrorists are trying to blow up a truck, or rather a rocket which is hidden in it. It can be exloded near the point of A bomb site, or the support of the overpass at the site B, thereby bringing down the truck with the rocket on which it stands. The special forces base is located at the bomb point A, where the truck with the rocket is also located. The terrorists’ respawn base is at the bottom of the channel. The bomb site B is located below the Special Forces base under the overpass, which can be reached by a staircase. The main battles take place on the overpass, on the flyover overpass, in the water mains, as well as in the park area. This map is becoming increasingly popular.



Train is a map simulating a Russian railway depot. Terrorists are trying to bomb wagons with nuclear waste (one at each bomb laying site). The special forces must prevent the destruction or kill all the terrorists. The main battles take place at bomb laying sites (A and B), tunnels, and also in the depot building. The map is large and full of places for camping. Train is popular among players.



Cache is a map depicting the abandoned Ukrainian city of Pripyat, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Terrorists are trying to ruin boxes of weapon supplies. The special forces must prevent the destruction or kill the terrorists. The main battle takes place at the bomb laying sites (A and B), and also in the center of the map. The map is small but balanced.

Update 29.03: Cache was removed from competitive maps. New map was added (Vertigo)



Vertigo is based on a skyscraper that was under construction and centered the conflict between the Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorist teams. The main objective for the Terrorists were to bomb the building while the CTs must prevent them from achieving their goal.

Also, in addition to the main ones, there are other C4 (Bomb Planting) maps:

  • Zoo
  • Biome
  • Canals
  • Cobblestone
  • Bank
  • Lake
  • Safehouse
  • Shoots
  • St.Mark csgo_bombmaps

There are maps with hostages:

  • Agency
  • Assault
  • Italy
  • Militia
  • Office csgo_hostagemaps

Military maps:

  • Baggage
  • Lake
  • Monastery
  • Safehouse
  • Shortdust
  • St.Marc
  • Sugarcane
  • Dizzy csgo_wargamesmaps

Danger Zone Map:

  • Blacksite

Oof! Quite a long read, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you’ll get into all of it pretty soon! Also here are CS:GO tips for newbies.

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