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DMarket Update: New Filters, Stats and Upgrades

Only a week has passed since we introduced our most recent major DMarket update, and already the next set of newly deployed features is here!

Product Card

The most notable changes affect the product card which you visit after selecting any item on the marketplace. The page has been significantly redesigned to provide more options for tracking market fluctuations and choosing the best offers.

  • Recent sales stats are now displayed on the product card, helping you to track market prices of each item. The stats include up to 20 latest deals and indicate a sale price, time of sale, and wear value of sold skins.
recent sales stats
  • A new filter on the product card allows you to separate instantly withdrawable items from trade locked ones.
new filter
  • After selecting an item, the list of offers is now displayed right away, without additional clicks.
list of offers

Header, Homepage and Other Pages

  • Items Catalog link has been added to the header, offering an additional way to proceed to the list of games and items.
items catalog
  • Your USD and DMC balances displayed in the header have become clickable and lead to the relevant section of your user account.  
USD DMC balances
  • A new button on the Stay Tuned section of the homepage provides quick access to DMarket’s Discord channel.
discord channel
  • A number of other changes optimize the user interface, deleting unnecessary elements and highlighting important ones.

Logging In and Trade Confirmation

Considering the wishes and suggestions the DMarket support team receive from our community, we have simplified a number of authorization and confirmation requirements.

  • The minimum password length has been reduced from 10 to 8 characters.
  • Two-factor authentication is now disabled by default and can be enabled in your account settings.
  • The duration of a user session without logging out has been increased to 30 days.
  • The time limit for trade confirmation when adding or withdrawing Steam items has been doubled to 10 minutes.  
  • When running in multiple browser tabs, signing in or signing out in one of them will update the other tabs as well.

DMarket’s development team is already working on the next pack of tech enhancements and useful features. Follow our blog and stay in touch with DMarket on Facebook and Twitter!

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