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Founder’s Mark and the Payment Gateway on DMarket

Hi everyone!

Today, we would like to give you the updates on the DMarket project.

To begin with, earlier today, we’ve received a request from one of our contributors to comment on the situation around the Founder’s Mark trading on DMarket. Using our Blockchain Explorer, he conducted his own investigation and found out that the item was bought by bots during the initial sale for the lowest price of 10 DMC.

We held our own investigation and found out that, yes, it is true, there was a bunch of bots buying all Founder’s Marks for the lowest price and leaving humans no chance to buy the item for 10 DMC during the initial sale. Today, we have stopped the sale of the asset in order to create an additional filter against bots and better protect the trading in the future. We want to say a big thank you to the person who gave us this feedback. We keep tracking all trading processes on our platform and your feedbacks are extremely important to us. We will also give an opportunity to all DMarket contributors to buy one Founder’s Mark inside of their accounts on for 10 DMC while supplies last. DMarket still have 700+ Founder’s Marks avaliable for purchase.

The most exciting part is that today we have received a proof of concept from our community. Those of you who aren’t interested in the Founder’s Mark may think this issue isn’t significant or relevant to you, but it is indeed!

And we’ll tell you why. Today, the entire DMarket community has had a chance to witness the functionality of the blockchain technology in action and see what advantages it provides. In fact, the whole investigation and its results would be impossible without blockchain. Pretty soon, this technology will skyrocket industries and verticals beyond gaming, and all of us are the first to reap the benefits of blockchain. Isn’t it great?

We also know that all of you are concerned about the payment gateway integration of the platform. We would like to ensure you that right now we are into official documentation procedures, and doing our best to arrange everything properly.

It takes longer than we expected and we apologize for that, but everything is under control.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the launch of the platform version 2.0 which is planned to happen by the end of March.

While our HR team has been focused on bringing in new talent to the company and hired 13 great specialists to join us, our biz dev team stormed through the D.I.C.E. events to network with the like-minded industry leaders and professionals.

In the nearest future, you will receive big news from us about crucially important partnerships. All we’re waiting for is finalizing details at their end and getting their green light to make the announcements.

Since now on, we will do our best to communicate with you on a regular basis and share our highlights and updates, as your feedback is extremely important for the project we’re doing. Together with our weekly updates on Medium, we will answer the most important and frequently asked questions.

Stay tuned!

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