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DMarket Introduces New Platform Features

Pushing the envelope on the cross-game universe for trading virtual assets, DMarket is constantly supercharging our product performance to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations. This time a new update has been rolled out providing users with a set of enhancements that make the flow of trading in-game items safe and smooth.   

The introduced features zero in on DMarket account optimization to enable seamless and efficient integration with users’ Steam accounts, ensure secure registration and confirmation procedure, and establish transparent monetary transactions.

To skyrocket the trading process, the key advantages that now are presented to users boil down to the following:  

1. Simplified Registration for Steam Users

Users who used to log in to DMarket via Steam can now sign up by adding and confirming their email address.

2. Search for Items

Items can now be found via the search field in the header, as well as games.

3. Inspect in Game

Users can open any CS:GO item in the Steam app to see its 3D model.

4. View on Steam

Users can open any Steam item in Steam inventory to see all of its stats.

5. Sorting Items in Inventory

A new sorting principle has been introduced for the user’s inventory. From now on, all the items transferred from Steam are shown at the top of the list and un-transferred items are at the bottom of the list.

6. Money Filter

Users can enter values less than $1 USD while filtering by amount.

7. “Log in” with Steam Button

The “Log in with Steam” button can now be found in the header.

8. Hide/Show the Entered Password

Users can either hide or display the password they use to log in.

9. User Steam Account Level Requirements**

Users who have a level 2 Steam account or lower are not allowed to add their Steam items to DMarket and put them up for sale. Level 2 users can buy and resell Steam items on DMarket. This restriction is lifted once a user acquires a level 3 Steam account.

10. Push Notifications

Push notifications have been added to the site.

11. Deposit

The user can make deposits for any amount without KYC for any payment method. KYC completion is required only for deposits via PayPal.

12. Withdrawal

Passing KYC to withdraw money is no longer required. This applies to all payment methods.

13. Terms of Use Update

The following changes have been made to the Terms of Use (see Section 6, paragraphs 6.1, 6.2): KYC procedure completion is now required only for depositing USD via PayPal (while using any other payment methods to deposit or withdraw money, KYC procedure is not required).

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More tech advancements are underway to help our users capitalize on trading their virtual assets on DMarket. Start right now to see the difference. And join us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest insights from the gaming space.

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