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Sell CS:GO Skins in 2020 - Why? Where? How?

In-game items monetisation is a powerful feature which brings more excitement to the gaming process itself. Cosmetic items don’t ruin the gaming balance or diversify a game itself, instead, by bringing more in-game content they give us opportunities to enjoy lovely games without pay-to-win frustration.

Sell CS:GO Skins

One of my favorite games - CS:GO, is one of those titles, where you can show off your skills without any real money investment. Valve created the genre of tactic shooter, putting your skills and ability to communicate with teammates into 1st place.

Since December 2018, anyone can play CS:GO without having to pay any $ for it. Valve makes it free for everyone. This strategy helps CS:GO to earn more than 1,000,000 online concurrent users.

The Power of CS:GO

IMO the real power of CS:GO is not a new distribution model, Shattered Web Agents or Danger Zone Mode. The real power of CS:GO, is that it moves through the years and helps to overcome any setbacks - skins.

CS:GO Skins

Skins give you the power to go ahead, and mental superiority over your enemies. But you should remember that your skill matters the most. For these who want to kill their enemies or get a higher rank , we’ve prepared an authoritative guide to conquer as a Global Elite in CS:GO.

Skins Were Meant For Trading

In CS:GO, you begin by starting with the default inventory. Over time, your inventory replenishes with free weapons skins, which you get when you reach some experience levels. In our article CS:GO Ranks and Ranking System, you’ll find out all the details about ranks and the full list of experience levels in CS:GO.

Trading CS:GO Skins For Real Money

You can always complete your inventory with different skins from the market. Starting from skins with a price of under 1$ and up to rare and exclusive in-game items priced at thousand of dollars. You’ll find out in our article The Best CS:GO Skins the list of the top CS:GO skins with their prices, starting from $0.1. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money every time when you want to get a new skin. The best way for you is to sell your old skins and get new ones.

The main idea of this article is:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, again and again. You will master the recycling of your skins, by selling them and buying new skins, then selling them again and buying new ones, etc. In a few words, you will find out how to trade CS:GO skins and stay in profit.

trade CS:GO skins and stay in profit

If you have got skins that you have not used for a long time, you need to sell them. We will then spin the economic wheel of CS:GO! It sounds like something crazy, but that’s why we are here.

Where to Sell CS:GO Skins

Players around the world are familiar with how to buy CS:GO skins. They know how to use the Steam marketplace for that purpose, or 3rd party services. But how to sell skins, while gaining as much profit as possible, and earning extra cash???

You have several options:

  • Steam Marketplace
  • 3rd party services (Such as DMarket)

How to choose between these two options? If you want to spend all your money within the Steam platform (for buying games, as an example), then choose Steam Marketplace. If you want to make a profit out of skins trading using a friendly interface, or if you want to earn real money, then choose 3rd party services.

The main difference between Steam and 3rd party services is, of course, an opportunity to withdraw $ and earn real money. This is an excellent way to show everyone that the game is not only a place for spending money, but where you can also earn some.

Skins selling is a kind of art, which you can master. You learn how to find the best deals on skins and use then in your favour.

If you decide to play CS:GO on a pro scene, and earn more skins, which you can trade afterwards, then we have got something interesting for you. We have special articles dedicated to the most anticipated CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments on our Esports DMarket Category. For people who want to start an esport career, we’ve prepared 9 Easy but Powerful Steps to Become a CS:GO Pro Player.

How to Sell CS:GO Skins

You have learned so far: why you need to sell your CS:GO skins and where you can do it. The third thing is how to sell your skins. Maybe you didn’t notice, but you’re on the DMarket Blog right now. And I’ll show you the easiest way to sell your skins, on DMarket Marketplace.

How to Sell CS:GO Skins on DMarket

There are several different ways on DMarket of getting rid of your skins:

  • selling instantly
  • selling on a long term (3,5,8+ day selling feature)
  • exchange on other CS:GO items
  • exchange on other in-game items (from other games, such as Dota 2).

Instant Skins Selling

Don’t wait for people who might be interested in buying your item. The Marketplace will suggest a price for your instant skin sale. The price is highlighted in yellow.

1. Select one or a few items with an Instant Sale price

Instant Sale Price on DMarket

2. Click Sell Now

Sell Skins Now on DMarket

3. Get money into your balance in a flash

Sell Skins Now Modal on DMarket

Sell on a Longer Term

You can also sell your skins with the price that you want and on the terms that will be convenient for you.

1. Select skins in your inventory and choose the Sell | Ask option

Sell Ask Option on DMarket

2. An optimal sale price will be offered to you depending on how quickly you want to sell your item

Sell Your Item on DMarket

3. You can either follow the recommendations or set your own price.

CS:GO Skins Exchange Feature

DMarket allows you to exchange your CS:GO skins to other user’s CS:GO skins. Follow the next steps:

1. Select one or several skins with an Instant Sale price highlighted with a yellow lightning sign in your inventory

Instant Sale Price on DMarket

2. Choose items from the market (storefront) that you want to exchange for

Items For Exchange on DMarket

3. Click Exchange to make the swap

Items For Exchange on DMarket

4. Any price difference will be automatically processed to or from your balance

Exchange Modal on DMarket

The additional feature of this Exchange is the ability to swap skins between different games which are presented on DMarket (Dota 2, Life Beyond, etc.)

Virtual Items Exchange Guide

How to Earn Real Money from CS:GO Skins

As I told you earlier, the main difference between Steam marketplace and DMarket is that you can withdraw real money from your DMarket wallet. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Balance section of your account

Balance Section of Your Account on DMarket

2. Top-up your balance or get your money straight away

3. You can choose from a solid range of popular and convenient payment systems

Sell CS:GO Skins That’s all folks. You now know why you need to sell CS:GO skins, where you can sell skins, and how to earn money by selling them. There are many different reasons why I love CS:GO, but skins trading is one of the most exciting reasons of them all.

Simply follow the DMarket blog to catch up with the most interesting articles and gaming updates.

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