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Russian Lokalization and Other DMarket Updates

DMarket is always streamlining its in-game item trading services to surpass users’ evolving needs and expectations. In the past month, DMarket has focused on expanding its footprint on new gaming markets, especially with non-English speaking fan communities. Also, responding to our customers’ feedback, we have enabled smooth customization for the in-game assets purchase flow, so that users may fine-tune the filter options and order items on their own terms.

As for DMarket crypto wallet for iOS and Android devices, the list of convenient features and options has been extended to fully resonate with our users’ growing demands.

Russian Localization

DMarket is happy to announce the launch of the Russian version of its innovative marketplace for trading in-game items. From now on, Russian-speaking members of the global gaming community can enjoy trading their virtual assets with utmost convenience.

DMarket russian localization russian localization on DMarket DMarket ru localization
DMarket russian localization russian localization on DMarket DMarket ru localization

Moreover, a Russian version is just part of a larger localization campaign deployed by DMarket.

Till the end of this year, up to seven new language versions of our platform will be launched, including Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, and Turkish.

Purchase Order via Steam Skins API

In the last summer days, DMarket released the Purchase Order feature that helps marketplace users tailor the item search filters and fine-tune the results. It comes in handy when you need a specific in-game item at a specific price. If no item meets the search results, the system will automatically complete the purchase when a relevant offer is available.

This feature works optimally with automated bulk trading via DMarket’s Steam Skins API. Purchase Order gives traders who buy and sell virtual goods in large amounts a new tool for streamlining their business and increasing their revenue.

Skins Cash Veteran Badge

In collaboration with Skins.Cash, a global market for instant in-game skins sales with over 2 million users trading skins daily, DMarket has created a new collectible digital asset on blockchain Skins Cash Veteran Badge. The Badge is limited exclusively to Skins.Cash users registered for DMarket.

Skins Cash Veteran Badge

Those who completed any trade on DMarket after signing up also received a random CS:GO or Dota 2 skin valued at up to $100.

This campaign was conducted to reward dedicated traders, engage new community members, and strengthen the connection between DMarket and Skins.Cash.

Mobile Wallet

Ultimate security of crypto and blockchain assets ensured by DMarket Wallet for iOS and Android has been augmented with advanced transaction functionality and enhanced UI/UX features:

DMarket mobile wallet DMarket wallet on mobile DMarket secure mobile wallet
DMarket mobile wallet DMarket wallet on mobile DMarket secure mobile wallet

  • DMarket Wallet for iOS and Android now supports Bitcoin P2SH-compatible addresses, enabling importing, sending, and receiving funds using yet another address format.
  • The Wallet now automatically searches for a user’s ERC20 tokens and adds them to his balance.
  • The optimized feature of gas limit auto-calculation enables sending ETH transactions to contracts with max efficiency.
  • A renewed Receive screen menu makes it possible to request a certain crypto amount using a QR code.
  • An upgraded Summary screen enables users to inspect more transaction details before sending.
  • Other UI and UX enhancements include automatic balance update in case of a lack of network connectivity, optimized ERC20 tokens editing, and back button on the QR-code scanning screen.

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