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DMarket Wallet for Android: Discover New Features

Bringing groundbreaking innovations to the gaming industry, DMarket combines disruptive technical solutions with hi-tech and easy to use tools. As one of such tools, the DMarket Wallet for Android expands users’ opportunities for safe and seamless management of digital and cryptocurrency assets.

Innovative Technology Right in Your Pocket

DMarket is delighted to announce a number of exciting new updates for the DMarket Wallet for Android. Designed with the users’ needs in mind, these upgrades include:

  • A completely renewed user interface, allowing intuitive navigation through crypto space
  • ETH support added, allowing users to send and receive ETH effortlessly
  • Increased data on each transaction
  • Advanced network fee options; calculate the optimal sending fee by default or adjust it manually
  • Expanded security features including upgraded hardware encryption
  • Fingerprint lock enabled, allowing users to access their data securely in one touch
  • Upgraded Items Section, sync indicators, refreshed localization and more

Coming Soon

The DMarket development team continues to expand Wallet functionality to further increase the opportunities for managing and trading digital assets.

Some of the exciting new features that will soon be supported by the DMarket Wallet for Android include:

  • Total in-app support for Bitcoin and all ERC20 tokens
  • An in-built cryptocurrency exchange
  • Multi-wallet functionality and advanced import tools, allowing total in-app management
  • Full synchronization with the DMarket gaming platform

The DMarket Wallet for Android is currently available in English and Russian versions and Spanish and German localizations are coming soon.

Many more exciting features and enhancements are under development, so make sure you look for updates in the future.

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